Blue Buffalo has partnered with Dr. Evan Antin to help pet parents understand dietary triggers in dogs

When it comes to quality dog food brands, Blue Buffalo is definitely at the top of our list. And their latest partnership is one we are excited for. Not only are they partnering with an expert who has been named as People’s Sexiest Vet more than once, but the partnership is all about helping pet parents understand dietary triggers with our dogs.

Considering our staff pup has dietary issues that we are always trying to be mindful of, knowing that Blue Buffalo and Dr. Evan Antin are shining a light on this topic makes us very happy.

And according to the press release from the company,

Together with animal expert and nationally recognized veterinarian, Dr. Evan Antin, Blue Buffalo, the nation’s leading natural pet food, aims to educate pet parents on the signs and symptoms of dog dietary issues, and share expert solutions to help make their dogs healthier and happier.

Blue Buffalo and Dr. Evan Antin are working together to help pet parents understand dietary triggers better

Working together, Dr. Antin and Blue Buffalo have offered up some tips for pet parents, as well as a few product ideas for anyone looking to change things up with your dog’s diet.

  • Hydration is important and if your pup is dealing with digestive issues, using ice chips can help to settle their stomach while still keeping them hydrated.
  • Opt for foods that are gentle on the stomach. A bland diet can help following stomach problems, and will often be recommended by a veterinarian for a few days. Bland diets may include rice and chicken or even cottage cheese (the fat free kind).
  • Your dog may need to switch to a limited ingredient diet, which is where Blue Buffalo comes into the picture as they offer their line of Blue Basics. “BLUE Basics provides a unique ingredient offering that benefits immune health while supporting healthy skin/coat and gentle digestion. Basics is a limited ingredient diet, meaning it has a single animal protein source, no chicken or beef, no dairy or eggs.”
  • Your pup may need to be on a digestive care diet that helps them in the long run with those tummy troubles. In this case, your pup may need to try ” BLUE True Solutions Blissful Belly, which supports digestive health naturally with prebiotic fiber, and high-quality, natural ingredients clinically proven to support specific digestive needs and recommended by veterinarians and animal nutritionists.”

Honestly, we can’t wait to learn more about the partnership between Blue Buffalo and Dr. Evan Antin. Of course, we also want all the tips for how to help our pups deal with their sensitive tummies.