Blue Buffalo makes spoiling our pups on the go easier than ever

Blue Buffalo Bits Treats. Image courtesy Blue Buffalo
Blue Buffalo Bits Treats. Image courtesy Blue Buffalo /

Many of us are traveling with our dogs this summer and that means making sure that we have everything that they need. And Blue Buffalo wants to help! How you may be wondering. By giving our pups the perfect treats on the go.

Available in boxes with 12 packs, we can now give our dogs treats on the go. The BLUE To-Go dog treats are available in their bits, their bones, and their health bars. This means that your pups can enjoy their favorite treats no matter where they are in the world. Or at the very least on the road.

These mini treats are perfect for training, rewarding, or just even a little spoiling. The health bars are baked with apples and yogurt, for dogs that are watching their weight (and yes, we know a few of those, even if she is still the most perfect pup). And the bits, which are their training treats, are soft and moist treats in a tasty chicken flavor. Finally they’re classic bone biscuits offer a crunchy bite for even the pickiest pup in a beef flavor. These may be mini but they definitely pack in the flavors that our pups know and love from Blue Buffalo.

Blue Buffalo is ready for summer travel with these to-go treats

Blue buffalo
Blue Buffalo Bits Treats. Image courtesy Blue Buffalo /

According to a survey done by Blue Buffalo, about 57 percent of pet parents are planning to travel with their dogs this summer. And about 1/3 of them are worrying about their safety while on the road. And that makes perfect sense, because you are taking your dog into an environment they are not familiar with.

One of the big thing pet parents are planning for this summer, is outdoor excursions and camping trips. Having these bite-size treats on hand, that come in individual packages, can help to make those experiences better than ever. Not only does it discourage scavenging behavior but it can also prevent other animals from coming into your campground. These are perfect for eliminating mess, while still allowing you to treat your pup to what they love.

A box of these on-the-go treats will cost you $19.99 in packs of 12. These are available nationwide at stores such as Chewy (in fact, over on Chewy, you can get a 24 pack with the Bits and the Bones), Walmart, and of course Petsmart. Basically you can buy these wherever you are already picking up your pups treats and food. So there is no need to go out of your way to get the treats they love in on-the-go sizes.

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