Pearl the Chihuahua has been named World’s Shortest Dog

A Chihuahua explores the unleashed dog area at the Rockford Dog Park in Wilmington, Wednesday, March 23, 2023.P 20 Dog Park 032223
A Chihuahua explores the unleashed dog area at the Rockford Dog Park in Wilmington, Wednesday, March 23, 2023.P 20 Dog Park 032223 /

The Guinness Book of World Records has just named and officially certified the brand new World’s Shortest Dog and her name is Pearl. She is the cutest little diva around, loves to dress up, and is just chock full of oh so much love that her tiny little heart is exploding, just like ours.

Pearl is a two-year-old Chihuahua and she lives out in Orlando, Florida, where she was officially measured by Dr. Giovanni Vergel of the Crystal Creek Animal Hospital.

Let’s meet Pearl the Chihuahua and how she became the World’s Shortest Dog through GWR!

Here’s how sweet little Pearl all measures out to be:

  • She stands at a super large and very much in charge 3.59 inches
  • She measures in at a totally massive 5 inches long

Her doctor stated that “…she’s shorter than a popsicle stick, barely the height of a credit card and about as tall as a toilet paper roll”.

Her owner, Vanessa Semler, also stated that Pearl’s super childlike at heart and just overall a small but mighty ball of energy. Semler has also stated in some recent interviews that Pearl is definitely a total and complete diva who loves to dress up fancy and prefers chicken and salmon as two of her most favorite posh foods.

Pearl the Chihuahua just so happens to be the niece of the previous record holder of the World’s Shortest Dog. The previous record-holders name was Milly, who also belonged to the same owner, Vanessa Semler. Both Milly and Pearl were both born just under an ounce at birth, and now Pearl weighs in at a super big and bulky 1.22 pounds!

Miss P has a daily routine that has since been shared through Semler’s social media pages, including her Twitter.

Sweet Pearl the Chihuahua also just recently made her acting on-screen debut when her and Semler both traveled to Milan in order to ‘guest appear’ on GWR (Guinness World Record’s) Italian TV program titled Lo Show dei Record. She made her on-stage debut in the world’s tiniest (seemingly at least) Easter basket where she remained calm throughout the entire experience/time.

More. There is a brand new World’s Oldest dog who just dethroned the previous 23 year-old Chihuahua. light

That’s a wrap on the tiniest little sweetie pie Miss Pearl the Chihuahua who was just recently named the World’s Shortest Dog by the GWR (Guinness World Records). Let’s show her some love down in the comments down below and as always…….Woof, Woof!