Will Trent and Betty are on the case with a young boy at their side in episode 10

There are a lot of reasons why we tune in to watch Will Trent on ABC. Not only are we watching for the Betty content but we are also watching for the mysteries and police procedural storylines. And in episode 10, “Pterodactyls Can Fly,” we get both personal moments and the police work we expect.

Obviously, here at Dog O’Day our main focus when it comes to Will Trent is on the dog. Whether it is how Will has changed because of Betty or even the scenes specifically revolving around the pup, these are the things we are on the lookout for when we watch (and cover) the series. However, this series gives us so much to enjoy, which is why we love when we get to see Will connecting with more people or Faith and Will getting stronger as partners.

Will Trent finds Trent taking care of a young boy following a massacre

For this episode, we kick things off with a massacre that leaves an entire family, except for a young boy, dead and Will Trent helping local cops take down one of the shooters involved. But, there is definitely another shooter on the loose, and it may take that young boy to find them.

Will ends up taking responsibility for the young boy whose name ends up being Theo Davis. And with the help of Betty (and even Nico), Will is able to form a bond with Theo that sees them connecting in a way that is definitely touching.

In one of the first scenes where Theo and Will truly connect, we see Betty offering comfort to Theo. It’s an adorable moment between the two that sets the tone for the rest of the episode. This case, and in particular, this boy is bringing up a lot of emotions and memories for Will. Luckily, they have a Betty in their lives to offer a bit of comfort.

When Will goes to drop Theo off with his apparent grandmother with the help of Betty, it turns out that something is up as one of the men in the hardware store that she owns is actually one of the shooters who killed Theo’s family. So while she introduces the man as an uncle, it looks there is so much more to the story. And it’s up to Will and even Betty to get Theo safely away from not only the man who killed his family, but whatever situation it seems that his “family” has gotten him into. It’s a good thing this is Will Trent and he knows how to get out of dangerous situations.

In order to protect Theo, Will puts him and Betty in the ceiling. And he tasks Theo with protecting Betty, although she does make it a bit of a challenge by barking in the ductwork of the ceiling. It turns out, this is all about custody, and yes, they were willing to kill people in order to get this child.

Honestly, this was an emotional episode for a few of our characters, while also being very interesting in terms of seeing real character growth for Will Trent. Over the course of this season, we have absolutely watched him grow into the type of man who would not only adopt a rescue dog and spoil her, but also take care of a young child in a way that proves that he could be an amazing father. His connection with Theo is plain to see, especially when we see Will packing up Theo’s bag with clothes that he bought him including ties and a cloth handkerchief for his pocket.

It was a fascinating episode for a lot of reasons, but one of the best moments was absolutely getting to see that sweet scene between Will and Theo, as they truly get to know each other with Betty as the icebreaker.