Will Trent takes on a Manhunt in episode 9 as Betty proves to be a social media star

After a three week hiatus on ABC, Will Trent is back in action. And for this ninth episode, we are not only dealing with a “Manhunt,” but also a social media star.

Considering the main focus of our own coverage of Will Trent is on Betty, is it any surprise that even in the world created for the series, this dog is a star? In fact, it looks like Betty is truly a social media maven, thanks to the help of her dog sitter.

During a trip to the grocery store Nico, Will, and Betty are stocking up on groceries, with Will struggling a bit to recognize the pasta he normally picks up. At the same time, we learn that Nico has set up a social media account for Betty and she seems to have a massive following, at least based on the fact that she is recognized by a fellow shopper as “Bad B*tch Betty.”

Sadly, we don’t really get to see how Will feels about this new development, as he has to get to the courthouse after a killer gets loose. And it turns out that this man has also taken Will’s partner Faith hostage.

Will Trent sees Betty becoming a social media influencer as a “Manhunt” for a killer is on

And in the midst of the manhunt, it seems that Faith becomes a major suspect in not only the escape of the fugitive, but also in a murder. However, we know she’s innocent. In order to get a message to Will, she actually uses the social media account for Betty in order to let him know that she is safe and innocent. It is a reminder that social media can be an amazing tool. It’s also proof that Betty is important to this case.

At one point, Will and Ormewood go to Will’s house to speak to the widow of the police officer that the fugitive allegedly killed. And during that scene, we get to see her take comfort with Betty. It’s not a very long moment, and she quickly puts Betty down on the ground when she gets ready to talk about what happened when her husband was killed, but it’s another moment where we get to see how important this adorable Chihuahua is to the storyline.

By the time we see Faith being rescued, it has been a very stressful episode. But we love the fact that Will took a moment to joke with her about Betty having an Instagram account and her not telling him sooner. Unfortunately, we don’t get to see any more Betty in this episode, but it was still an amazing episode in terms of our dog watch. We can’t wait to see what happens next week, especially after that teaser at the end.