Best 7 dog breeds for families with an active lifestyle

Osa, a mini Australian Shepherd, loves the SwiftPaws lure course.Swiftpaws Ceo Megan Wolgram
Osa, a mini Australian Shepherd, loves the SwiftPaws lure course.Swiftpaws Ceo Megan Wolgram /

When it comes to getting a dog, there are so many different factors that go into choosing the right one. Temperament, level of training required, shedding capabilities, size of your house, etc. The list could go on and on and we could really go all day here. Something that some people might be considering is what dog breeds are the best for those families with a more active lifestyle!

Again, this list could go on for a while, but instead, let’s look just the top 7!

What are THE best active lifestyle dog breeds? Read more to find out!

In no particular order, here are the Top 7 Most Family-Friendly Dog Breeds to consider, starting with the cover athlete, the Australian Shepherd!

1. Australian Shepherd

Average Life Span: 13 – 15 years

Average Weight / Size: 35 – 70 lbs.

Do They Shed?: Yes – two heavy shedding seasons in Spring & Fall

The Australian Shepherd is just one of those dogs that seriously does totally thrive on attention. They are super active and energetic and enjoy the levels of activity and excitement that a good old fashioned play session will bring them. Families who have kids will now have a way to keep both the kids and the dog entertained because an Aussie Shep is sure to match the energeticness of just about any and all kids (and adults too for that matter) alike!

2. Labrador Retriever

Average Life Span: 10 – 12 years

Average Weight / Size: 55 – 79 lbs.

Do They Shed?: Yes – pretty much year-round

In particular, a good one to two hours of activity, mental stim included, is usually the standard for a Labrador Retriever, whether that’s going for a walk, playing outside, or whatever else it is that they like to do. According to some research Labs are active in both the body and the mind, so that’s where the importance of the mental stim really does come in handy over here. Just make sure to read your dog’s cues and try to match their energy to the best of both yours and their abilitie – trust me, you will get to know each other in legit no time!

3. Siberian Husky

Average Life Span: 12 – 15 years

Average Weight / Size: 35 – 60 lbs.

Do They Shed?: Yes – undercoats are shed twice a year (it’s actually called “blowing the coat”)

First of all, I personally think that Siberian Huskies are quite possibly the most beautiful bigger dog (definitely not of all-time, though because I am super biased about my own pup and think that HE is the most beautiful thing ever). Anyway, we digress. Huskies were originally bred as super active working dogs, meaning that they will need at the very minimum 40 minutes of exercise per day; in fact, running is actually one of their most fave things to do, so be sure to keep that in mind as well!

4. German Shorthaired Pointer

Average Life Span: 12 – 14 years

Average Weight / Size: 45 – 70 lbs.

Do They Shed?: Yes – year-round in warmer climates; might more seasonal elsewhere

This pup will certainly not be happy to just be sitting inside all day doing relatively nothing. In fact, they actually will thrive much better in a place with a bigger sized yard, and of course having the area fenced in will certainly help you keep your dog in your yard as well – also super important to not over here. A German Shorthaired Pointer’s exercise time each day is certainly NOT to be overlooked. Just be sure to give them their activity that they need if you like a nice calm pup!

5. Rhodesian Ridgeback

Average Life Span: 10 – 12 years

Average Weight / Size: 64 – 90 lbs.

Do They Shed?: Very little – super manageable with weekly brushing sessions

Most dogs, as we all know pretty dang well, are super active as puppies. That is especially true for the Rhodesian Ridgeback! As puppies, they are super high energy and require tons and tons of different exercises; however, as they work their ways into mature adulthood, their required exercise levels just become moderate at best, so good for growing families especially. A nice game of fetch or a couple vigorous walks a day will work just fine to add into their daily routines. And as always, a nice opportunity or chance to run around in a fenced in area at least once a week will definitely satisfy them as well for sure!

6. Vizsla

Average Life Span: 12 – 15 years

Average Weight / Size: 40 – 64 lbs.

Do They Shed?: Yes – manageable with occasional brushing

Besides loving to run, jump, and play around in the yard, Vizlsas also love to chew, so as a tiny little side note over here, be sure to keep some nice and super durable chew toys on hand as opposed to any of your precious indoor things, such as your furniture. They were originally “built” for some long days in the field, so that also means that they love the outdoors, so maybe somewhere with better outside weather is better suited for your super sweet and high energy Vizsla!

7. Portuguese Water Dog

Average Life Span: 12 – 15 years

Average Weight / Size: 35 – 60 lbs.

Do They Shed?: No – hypoallergenic (tiny hairs might be found around the house – super minimal)

Portuguese Water Dogs definitely prefer to be with their owners as opposed to being alone, so be sure to love exercising WITH them. Given their “working” history, PWD’s require super high levels of energy throughout the day, so get ready to get off the couch and start your daily workout routine with your most loving and furry friends! Got kids with super high energy? Don’t worry – get a Portuguese Water Dog to solve all of those sorts of problems!

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What do you make of this list? Do you or anyone else that you may know have one of these breeds right now and as we speak? Let’s talk about all of that and so much more down in the comments below and as always…Woof, Woof!