What are doggles?

Have you ever heard of Doggles? For anyone looking to protect their dog’s eyes on a road trip in a car or on a motorcycle, Doggles might be the answer.

Recently, a senator in Florida introduced a bill that would potentially make it illegal for pet parents to have dogs sticking out of car windows when they’re moving. The idea behind the bill is that it can be hazardous for the dog to be sticking their head out of the window when dirt, debris, and rocks could potentially hit them in the face. We know how it can impact our windshield, so just imagine that hitting our dog in the eye.

That is where Doggles come into the picture. While doing some research on ways to protect our dogs eyes if they were to stick their head out of a car window while it’s moving, we came across a website dedicated to Doggles. But what are Doggles? It’s kind of right in the name! Basically these are sunglasses for dogs. Or goggles for dogs if you will.

Have you heard of Doggles?

According to the product page for one of the original Doggles, this is how they describe these sunglasses for dogs:

Whether your best friend accompanies you on a motorcycle ride, hangs their head out of the truck, loves to sunbathe, or is sensitive to light, Doggles will be sure to keep their peepers safe! You can rest assured that they are safe, and they’ll love the extra attention.

Sounds good to us! But it’s not just sunglasses that they offer. In fact if you browse their website you will even find prescription glasses for dogs. That is because it’s not just about sun protection or on the road protection, it’s about quality of life for our pet.

And while there are a number of styles of sunglasses for our dogs, it’s not even just glasses. There are a number of products available from the company including harnesses, bowls, beds, boots, and more. Basically, whatever your pet may need they have you covered.

If anyone had told me that I would be shopping for Doggles for my dog, I don’t think I would’ve believed them. But now, this might be the perfect way to allow our staff pup to enjoy the open road without worrying about her eyes and the potential dangers of debris hurting her while she is enjoying that wind whipping her ears.