Author Karin Slaughter talks about the casting of Will Trent’s Betty

WILL TRENT - ABCÕs ÒWill TrentÓ stars Betty. (ABC/Art Streiber)
WILL TRENT - ABCÕs ÒWill TrentÓ stars Betty. (ABC/Art Streiber) /

For fans of the new ABC series Will Trent, did you know that it was based on a popular book series by the author Karin Slaughter? As someone who has read Slaughter’s books, I was excited to see this series and these characters being brought to life on the small screen. It felt like the right choice to actually tell these stories.

With a few episodes of this new series having already aired and currently available on streaming, Karin Slaughter is letting people know her thoughts about the new series, but in particular we are looking at what she thought about the casting.

While we all have different ideas of what a character may look like or sounds like based on our own imagination, when a series is turned into a screen adaptation of any kind, movie or TV show, it changes the way we view the characters. However, it seems like Slaughter is rather happy with the direction that her Will Trent characters are taking in this new series.

According to Cinema Blend, “I’m gonna be super honest. I was a little nervous, because I had pictured them in my head, and I was worried that my readers would have problems. But for the most part, they’re as happy as I am.”

Karin Slaughter reveals her thoughts on the casting decisions made for Will Trent, and in particular Betty

While the author seems to be happy with the casting, it was her thoughts on Betty that really had us smiling. And not only does she seem to be satisfied with the choice made for Betty, she had a few thoughts that we can’t help but agree with.

As part of her interview talking about the casting decisions made and in particular the casting of Betty, Karin Slaughter explained,

"I wish they had let me choose Betty, just because I would love to be around that many dogs. They just know what they’re doing [with casting]. I think they’ve done an exceptional job, and I’m really pleased with it. But no, I wasn’t involved with it… I feel so sorry for Ramón, because it’s like, you just can’t take your eyes off her. I mean, yeah, he’s a sexy guy and all that, but you know… Betty."

Not only do we agree that Betty is a scene stealer, but we also think it would have been amazingly fun to be around all of those dogs to figure out which would be the perfect Betty. And while we think they did an amazing job picking the right pup, we can’t help but wish we had been able to bring home a few pups of our own.

We want to know what you think about the casting decisions made on Will Trent. Do you think they made the right casting decisions? And do you think they made the right choice with Betty? Do you agree with the author that Betty is a scene stealer? Let us know in the comments below.

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