Will Trent brings his observational skills into Episode 2

WILL TRENT - Key Art. (ABC) /

It’s time for the second episode of Will Trent and we are on dog watch here at Dog O’Day. And with an episode title of “I’m a Pretty Observant Guy,” we can’t wait to see exactly what Trent is finding in his current case. But at the same time, we also want to see what he observes about his new dog.

Of course, the big thing for us is the dog! And that means we want scenes with Betty the Chihuahua! So how does Will Trent give us more Betty in episode two?

Right off the bat we see Betty barking and upset at the arrival of Paul Campano, covered in blood, smelling of booze, and talking about how he shot the man who has his daughter. With Betty going nuts, we see Will telling everyone, including Betty to calm down. And it is clear this pup is not happy about something.

Sadly, after that opening moment with Betty, it takes a while to get back to our new favorite Chihuahua.

Will Trent kicked off episode two with a barking Betty and a lot of drama

While it takes a bit before we get to see more Betty, it is clear that Will feels bad about yelling at her during the dramatic scene with Paul. And not only does he take the time to ask his partner, Faith, about whether or not she thinks dogs can get their feelings hurt, but he also asks his romantic partner, Angie, to stop in and check on Betty.

Will Trent wants Angie to not only check on Betty to make sure she is okay, but he also wants her to pamper his pooch, if you will. That means he wants the perfect food and to make sure she has all the water that she needs. Will feels bad and this is how he makes up for it.

And, technically, the next time we see Betty is when Angie does go to take care of the dog. It’s a scene that works for her case, but also gives us another moment with the adorable pup.

In the end, we get a new dog walker for Betty and a scene where Will makes it clear that the pup is important to him as he asks her opinion on his paint job. It’s fun, ridiculous, and just what the episode needed.

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