Will Trent kicks off with a scene that is all about “Adopt, Don’t Shop”

WILL TRENT - ABCÕs ÒWill TrentÓ stars Ram—n Rodr’guez as Will Trent. (ABC/Art Streiber)
WILL TRENT - ABCÕs ÒWill TrentÓ stars Ram—n Rodr’guez as Will Trent. (ABC/Art Streiber) /

If you are familiar with the books of Karin Slaughter, then you already know who Will Trent is. But now we get to see him brought to life on our TVs thanks to ABC.

Well the focus of this series is obviously on Trent and his work with the Georgia Bureau of Investigations (GBI), it is definitely the first scene of the show that makes us want to stick around for more. That is because the opening scene of Will Trent on ABC was at a dog shelter as he tries to surrender a small dog with a name tag that reads Betty.

It turns out that Betty has been tied up in his neighbors backyard for a few days. That is because his neighbor has apparently passed away. Will Trent tries to do the right thing and bring the dog to the shelter to find a new home. However, the shelter workers do you give him a bit of a rough time.

The thing is that these shelter workers want him to keep the dog. And they succeed in their adoption efforts. How do they do that? With a little bit of guilt actually.

Will Trent premieres on ABC with an opening scene featuring an adorable dog and a relatable moment

While filling out the paperwork to surrender Betty to the shelter, Trent asks them if this is a no kill shelter. And the one lady indicates that it can be. This means that there is a chance that Betty could be euthanized. Immediately, Will Trent turns around to pick Betty up and brings that dog home.

Although we do not get to see a lot of Betty in this episode, it is clear that this little dog is going to make an impact on Trent, his life, and even his work. After all, the dog did play a big part in the trailers that we saw leading up to the series premiere. Of course, we can only work with what we saw in this first episode, but that opening scene alone makes us think that Betty and Will are going to be a lot of fun to watch together. That moment made us instant Betty fans!

Honestly, even if we hadn’t seen more of Betty in the episode, that adoption scene at the very beginning is enough to have us coming back for more of Will Trent on ABC. But, knowing Will’s backstory and the fact that he never got adopted, it just makes sense that he couldn’t leave Betty behind with even the slightest chance that she might not make it out of that shelter again. He gave a home to a dog because he never got that same chance.

In the later scene when we see him taking care of Betty, it makes us tear up a little because we can feel what a good person he is. And it also means that we can’t wait to see more of Will and Betty together.  And yes, we will be on the lookout for more moments with that little dog.

But we want to know what you thought of that opening scene end of the series. Are you a fan? Have you read the books by Karin Slaughter? Will you be tuning in for even more Will Trent? We want to know.

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