12 Days of Dogmas: 5 holiday dog toys they will play with all year

Petco's Holiday Collection. Image courtesy Petco
Petco's Holiday Collection. Image courtesy Petco /

Throughout the 12 Days of Dogmas on Dog O’Day we’re focusing on all things dogs and the holidays and that includes looking at all of the festive dog toys available right now. From the Christmas Pickle to gingerbread men, Santas, and more, there are plenty of festive toys currently on the market.

And while our dogs don’t necessarily care about the holidays in terms of themes, Dogmas, and the changing decor, sometimes we do. Once the holidays are over, we want to put away all the festive decor and move on to whatever the next holiday may be or even just get back to our every day looks and designs.

So when it comes to finding festive holiday dog toys, we also want them to be something that our pups can enjoy all year long (no putting the toys away until next year). This led us down a bit of a rabbit hole looking for a variety of dog toys that still gave us all the festive vibes while also being perfect for our pups throughout the year.

Festive dog toys perfect for the 12 Days of Dogmas and beyond

  • More and Merrier Holiday Puzzle Dog Toy – This puzzle toy from Petco is perfect for the holidays and beyond. While it is red and green, it doesn’t necessarily scream Christmas. Instead, this is great for keeping our pups active and mentally stimulated without feeling like it only belongs under a Christmas tree.
  • More and Merrier Ornament Tennis Ball Dog Toys – There are a variety of tennis ball dog toys available at Petco designed to look like an ornament. And that is awesome because it can be a bit of festivity during the holiday season and then once the holidays are over it goes right back to being a colorful tennis ball. That is an absolute win in our eyes.
  • BarkShop Merry Cupcakes – Honestly, these plushy toys are super cute and while they are a bit more festive, they are still perfect for all year long (if they last that long). One of the best think about toys from BARK is that they are always giving our pups a variety of stimulating options. In this case we are looking at squeakers and crinkles. And that should keep our pups entertained for months to come.
  • BarkShop Puppermint Bark Pretzel – Pretzels are an every day treat and even though this one is red and white, it is still perfect for playing with all year long. It helps that this is a tug toy so your pup will get even more out of this toy than the normal squeaky! This toy is super cute and we know our pup will get a lot of enjoyment out of this dog toy throughout the year.

Honestly, any dog toy can be an all year toy, but sometimes we want the holidays to get put away once the season ends. In this case, these toys don’t have to scream Christmas to be a great gift for our pups. And with all of these toys, there is plenty to appreciate in terms of how our pups play with them.

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