Blue Buffalo gives our Sagittarius Pets some insight into their sign

Blue Buffalo Stocking Stuffers for Your Furry Family Members!
Blue Buffalo Stocking Stuffers for Your Furry Family Members! /

When it comes to astrology, many of us know our signs and read those horoscopes. But what about horoscopes for your dog? Blue Buffalo is making it easier to know exactly what our pup’s month ahead looks like.

Over on Instagram, Blue Buffalo shared a special post for the Sagittarius Pets out there, and it was as cute as you might expect it to be (after all, this is a horoscope for a dog we are looking at).

While we typically think of Blue Buffalo as one of our go to brands for dog food and dog treats, there is certainly more to the brand than that. After all, they are a pet brand with a mission to make our pets lives healthier and better. And as pet parents, that is something we can absolutely appreciate.

As a pet brand that is all about bringing the quality, we appreciate when they have some fun too. And on their Instagram account, they definitely bring the fun. With their latest horoscope post, we get a little insight into our Sagittarius pups. So what do we need to know about our furry Sagittariuses?

Blue Buffalo shares the perfect Sagittarius Pet horoscope over on Instagram

What do our Sag pups need to watch out for during this time? “Leaves falling everywhere. Keep vigilant.”

And what exactly is their snacking outlook for this period of time? “Delicious, and maybe with a side of gravy.”

While we missed this one, we think this goes for every day… The final portion of the Sagittarius Pet horoscope was all about their “Peak Cuteness.” And in this case it seems that November 17 at 7 PM was “the luckiest numbers for your sign.”

We can’t help but love a good pet horoscope (or really any fun horoscope moment) and this was definitely a fun one from a brand we love.

Are you a fan of fun horoscopes? What do you think of Blue Buffalo’s look at the Sagittarius Pet?

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