Baha Mar is a dog friendly destination in the Bahamas

Baha Mar. Image courtesy Kimberley Spinney
Baha Mar. Image courtesy Kimberley Spinney /

Have you ever wanted to travel the world with your dog? What about visiting the Bahamas with Fluffy at your side? Baha Mar can make it happen.

If you were looking for an amazing adventure with your dog at your side, and you have ever thought about going to the Bahamas, then this resort is the place for you. Why? Because they just so happen to be a dog friendly property.

After getting a chance to stay at Baha Mar for a weekend, I fell in love with every detail of this property. The rooms are gorgeous, the beach is right there, and the fact that they allow your dog to join you on vacation makes them a win all around.

Baha Mar is a dog friendly destination in the Bahamas

Of course, just because this is a pet friendly resort, that does not mean that they are not rules. According to the properties FAQ page, there are a few things to note if you want to travel to the Bahamas with your dog, or two dogs. And yes you can bring two dogs, but again there are restrictions that apply.

So what are these restrictions? What do you need to know in order to bring your dog on vacation with you? We have the answer here:

  • Dog should be 50 pounds or less. And if traveling with two dogs, they should weigh under 75 pounds combined.
  • Your dog should be potty trained. This should be obvious, but we do like to point out that a house trained dog will always be preferred when traveling.
  • Dogs should be settled in your hotel room no later than 9:30 PM every day. This means that if they are barking, you must calm them down. It is important to remember that there are other guests in the hotel as well.
  • There are designated areas for your dog. This includes space for them to walk.
  • The room attendants are not allowed in your room if your dog is there. This means that you will need to schedule a time for cleanings and the like, where are you and your dog are not there.
  • There are certain fees associated with checking in with a dog. Depending on how long your stay at Baha Mar, there is a set deposit that you will have to pay.
  •  You must let the hotel know at least three days in advance if you will be traveling with a dog.

There are so many great reasons to travel with your canine, and knowing that places like Baha Mar allow you to bring your dog makes any vacation even better. Having seen plenty of dogs when I was at the resort, both at the beach and even in the hotel itself, it is clear that you can have an amazing vacation without sacrificing time with your beloved pup.

What do you say fellow dog lovers? Are you surprised that there is a resort destination in the Bahamas that allows you to bring your dogs with you? Does knowing that Baha Mar is a pet friendly destination make you more likely to book a stay with them? We want to know!

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