President Biden shares a picture of the “Best meeting companion”

When it comes to dogs, it doesn’t matter who their owner is, we want to see the puppy. (All dogs are puppies.) And this is especially true when President Biden is sharing pictures of his dogs.

Over the years, the Biden family dogs have been a source of smiles and more, even when drama abounded. And thanks to the latest post from the President himself, we know that Commander Biden has truly settled into life as the First Dog!

On October 11, President Biden took to Twitter to share a picture of Commander laying next to the Presidential desk in the Oval Office. While the President looks to be talking to Commander as the pup listens to his Commander in Chief father, it seems that this may have been after a meeting of some sort. Which would make sense since the caption simply reads, “best meeting companion.”

President Biden shared a picture of Commander with him in the Oval Office

As fans of the presidential dogs, we love to see the President himself sharing pictures of his pup. And while this is the official Twitter of the President, it still feels like this is coming from the proud dog dad himself.

This picture of Commander with President Biden comes on the heels of the First Lady sharing a group shot with the First Dog, the President, and one of the men who has maintained the grounds of the White House for the last 50 years. We are loving how the President and First Lady are sharing more of Commander now that the pup has hit a year old.

We can’t wait to see what the next post featuring Commander is, and of course we wouldn’t mind seeing the First Cat popping up once in awhile.

Check out the President’s post here:

What do you think fellow dog lovers? Are we loving how Commander is showing up more often on social media lately?