Stargirl’s Brec Bassinger shares pictures of her pup on set with her

Stargirl is in its third season, and the stars are still on filming, so is it any wonder that Brec Bassinger is spending time on set and she’s not alone. In fact, the dog mom to Alfie has apparently brought her pup to work with her.

On October 1, Bassinger took to Instagram to share a series of pictures featuring her “Jet-setting- set dog.” The series featured four pictures and a caption that included “happy place,” which made perfect sense. Not only the fact that the actress was on set but also because she was with her beloved pup.

For two of the pictures we see Brec Bassinger cuddling with her pup in a field, while the other two have Alfie sniffing around and checking out what’s going on in the grass.

We love to see Alfie and Bassinger spending time together on set, but it does leave us wondering what ever happened to Stargirl’s dog? We have yet to see the pup in the first few episodes of Season 3. (Although there may have been a blink and you miss him moment in the first episode, so we will need to go back and watch again.)

Brec Bassinger shares a series of pictures with her dog Alfie on the set of Stargirl

Since we have been missing Buddy (the English Bulldog is technically Mike’s dog), it is nice to at least see our Stargirl spending time with her real life pup. Of course, we would love to see even more of Alfie on set and spending time with Brec Bassinger as she continues her work on the series.

And if you’re not following the actress on social media and you love seeing celebs with their pups, we definitely recommend giving her a follow for more Alfie content (and Stargirl moments too).

Check out the Instagram post from Brec Bassinger here to see her and Alfie on set: