WashBar will be doing their first live U.S. exhibit at SuperZoo

Manuka WashBar for Dogs
Manuka WashBar for Dogs /

Over the last year, we have written about the New Zealand brand (and products) WashBar on more than one occasion. Considering they only launched in the U.S. in 2021, it makes sense that they are working hard to get their name out there for people looking to change up the way they give their dog’s a bath.

And now, they are officially doing their first live exhibition in the United States. According to a press release from WashBar, not only will the brand have a booth at the SuperZoo in Las Vegas (a trade show for pet retail in North America), but they will also be hosting a talk and Q&A on how to maintain your dog’s skin and coat health.

By attending this trade show, WashBar is cementing their place in the pet retail market in the U.S. and we love to see it. For professionals and others attending the event,

"From August 23rd – August 25th, attendees can visit WashBar’s booth (#6669), located in the Emerging Brands section just to the right of the New Product Showcase. Visitors will meet WashBar’s CEO Louise “Lou” Knight, and learn more about the brand’s eco-friendly petcare products, commitments to ethical sourcing, and how the brand harnesses the natural power of New Zealand’s local flora to make their products effective without harmful chemicals."

WashBar is taking part in the 2022 SuperZoo trade event

For fans of the brand and their products, this may mean seeing more of WashBar after they get their name out to a much wider market. And that is definitely good news for those of us who like the product and what it can do for our pups.

Considering the WashBar is known for being paraben free, sulfate free, and free of synthetic fragrances, we love to see them branching out and teaching others about what they have to offer. Not only does this product leave our dogs coat feeling clean and soft, but the fact that it offers lemon scented tea tree oil means that we are also getting a product that offers anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties that are ideal for the health and happiness of our pups.

We want more people to know about this product, and having them attend this trade event is a step in that direction. Of course, the fact that they also offer a gentle bar for puppies, a bar for dogs with itchy skin, and even a bar for the big animals like horses, means that this is a brand that doesn’t stop at just offering one good product, they have multiple.

We are excited to see what comes next for this company. And this event is just the first step in that journey.

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