Chris Evans is now a part of the Jinx family in an active role with the help of Dodger

Chris Evans might be a former Avenger, but his latest role sees him in a more dog-focused position. That’s because the actor is now part of the Jinx team.

According to not only the press email we received, but also the Zoom Call we were a part of, it seems that Evans and Dodger are now taking on an active role with the company. (We bet Dodger’s role will be in the taste testing department and the snacking on the job role.)

But what exactly will Chris Evans be doing as part of team Jinx? Well it seems that we will be taking “on an active role in the business and creative direction of the brand.”

Chris Evans and Dodger are now part of the Jinx family

Considering he comes into the role after being a customer himself, he already knows the quality that Jinx delivers. And as fans ourselves, we know that when it comes to high quality dog food and treats, Jinx is the way to go. Our staff pup is in love with all things Jinx, especially the meal toppers and treats (their tenders are always a win with our pup).

So what can we expect to see now that Chris Evans and Dodger are team Jinx? Well we are definitely expecting to see marketing materials featuring these two high-profile celebrities (no one can tell me Dodger isn’t a star in his own fuzzy right). And we can imagine that Evans will be lending his own ideas as to how to get the brand into more pet owner’s homes.

We can’t wait to see how Dodger and Evans bring more eyes to what Jinx has to offer. Ever since our first introduction to the brand, we have been big fans of the quality that they bring to every product. And the fact that even a picky pup can appreciate the flavors they offer means that we don’t have to worry about treats and meals going to waste.

But we want to hear from you. Are you a fan of Jinx? Has your pup tried any of the products that the brand has to offer? And what do you think of Dodger and Chris Evans joining the Jinx team?