Celebrate National Pet Month with the charitable collection of gear from BOBS from Skechers

Did you know that May was National Pet Month? If not, Skechers wants to remind us all! And what better way than with some BOBS from Skechers gear?

For anyone unfamiliar with the BOBS from Skechers line, it is a collection of gear that gives back to shelter animals. It is their charitable line that makes it so that even people who don’t own pets, but want to help in even a small way can.

According to the press email we received on behalf of Skechers,

Purchasing from the BOBS from Skechers line offers everyone the opportunity to support shelter animals because for every purchase, Skechers donates a portion of the proceeds to help save and support shelter animals in need. Over the past six years, Skechers has contributed more than $7.65 million to help 1.5 million shelter pets.

BOBS from Skechers lets us add new pieces to our wardrobe while also supporting shelter animals


Celebrate Your Love of Pets from Head to Toe this National Pet Month with BOBS from Skechers Shoes & Apparel. Image courtesy of Skechers

Over the last few years, we have found ourselves continually falling in love with the products made especially for the BOBS from Skechers line. From their Doug the Pug collaborations, to the more classic cozy wear (think joggers and tees), there is something for everyone.

And right now, we can’t think of a better way to celebrate National Pet Month than with a tee that reads Send Me Dog Pics or a cozy pullover that says Rescued with Love! Whether you are a pet owner or you just have a soft spot for animals, there really is something for everyone in this charitable line of gear. (I know we need that Bone to Pick tee and the Heart Eyes Leggings in our lives!)

But giving back to shelter animals is not the only way the collection gives back! In fact, since 2011 it seems that BOBS has given out more than 60 million pairs of shoes (bring on our favorite sneakers) to children in need. We are talking about children facing poverty, homelessness, and even those who have lost everything because of natural disasters.

So not only does BOBS from Skechers do good for animals, but they are also doing good for people. And that means that we can’t help but want to celebrate our love of pets by supporting a company that uses their brand recognition for good.

If you want to support a good cause, find some new kicks or cozy wear, and maybe even show off your Doug the Pug fandom, then BOBS is the way to go this National Pet Month.

What do you say fellow dog lovers? Is it time to do some shopping? Are you a fan of this line of gear (clothing and footwear)? Have you bought any BOBS products yet?