Doug the Pug has found his way onto even more BOBS from Skechers

Doug the Pug, Featured on New Skechers Slippers & Sneakers
Doug the Pug, Featured on New Skechers Slippers & Sneakers /

Doug the Pug is once again making his way onto a pair of Skechers. But really, it is two pairs of BOBS from Skechers, and that means more options for our shoe collections!

In 2021, Doug the Pug made fashion happen with a partnership with Skechers that saw his face gracing a variety of BOBS from Skechers shoes. Now in 2022, Doug the Pug is once again giving us fashion magic, this time with a new design of sneaker and a fuzzy slipper that we are absolutely obsessed with.

And of course, we can’t help but point out that purchasing BOBS products also means donating to animals in need, which is a win-win. We get super cute footwear and also help raise money for a good cause.

So let’s break down the two new designs featuring one of our favorite celebrity pups!

Doug the Pug has two new BOBS from Skechers releases for us to show off our Pug Love with

Doug the Pug, Featured on New Skechers Slippers & Sneakers /

Up first we have the sneakers: Doug the Pug: BOBS B Cool – Doug’s Luv. These lace up sneakers feature our boy Doug along with rainbows, ice cream, donuts, butterflies, and more. The white background makes the design more crisp and perfect for rocking with jeans, shorts, or just about any look.

Then we have the slippers. These are the Doug the Pug: BOBS Too Cozy – Pug Hug. I will admit that I am officially in love with these! The reason is they just look so cute and cozy. They show Doug rocking sunglasses or a baseball hat looking all swag and fly over a lighter gray background. And then it has a fuzzy, faux fur trim in a similar color that looks so soft and comfortable.

I love all of the Skechers sneakers I have ever owned, so I already know these are going to be another fun one for the collection, but when it comes to the slippers, I already know I am going to need to hunt down a pair just for all the cozy vibes.

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Are you a fan of Doug the Pug and BOBS from Skechers? Are you going to snag a pair of these new sneakers or even the slippers? We want to know.