Even Doug the Pug is celebrating Stranger Things Day

Stranger Things official store - Courtesy of Netflix
Stranger Things official store - Courtesy of Netflix /

It’s Stranger Things Day and what better way is there to celebrate than by dressing up and sharing some of our favorite moments? How about by checking out how one of our favorite celebrity dogs is getting in on the fun? That’s right, even Doug the Pug is celebrating all things Stranger Things.

In an epic thread shared to Twitter, we get to see Doug the Pug getting his Stranger Things on. From a photo with the cast to a series of individual images of Doug getting dressed up as some of his favorite characters from the Netflix series, this is a celebration of the series in a way only a celebrity dog can do it

Among the images that Doug shared on his social media, perhaps some of our favorites (besides the one with members of the cast) are the one where he dresses up like Eleven to enjoy Eggo Waffles and the one where he channels his inner Barb!

Doug the Pug gets in on the Stranger Things Day fun over on Twitter

Honestly, the entire thread is everything we could hope for from a fan of the Netflix show and more. It gives us all the celebrity dog content we love and combines it with epic fandom.

We love when Doug the Pug gets in on a holiday or an event like this because it always brings a smile to our face. And seeing the pup cosplaying as Barb, Eleven, and even Billy is the kind of fun we need more of, especially when we are talking about Stranger Things.

Now if only we could find a way for Doug the Pug to make an actual cameo in the series, that might just be the most epic thing ever. But for now, we will take the Twitter thread with its cast photos and cosplaying moments and enjoy the magic that is Stranger Things.

Check out Doug’s take on Stranger Things here:

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What do you think dog lovers? Are we a fan of this cosplay? Does your pup ever dress up as a favorite character from a series like this? We want to know.