Wag! is giving college students another option for earning extra money

Are you a college student looking for some work to earn extra money? Have you heard of Wag!, the dog walking app? Then we have a suggestion for you!

In a press email we received on behalf of Wag!, it seems as if the app has a great idea for college students looking for extra income that is both fun and relatively easy when it comes to their school schedules. As long as you are over the age of 18, you can actually become a pet caregiver with the app. In fact, it seems that dog walking has become a very popular job among college students, with Wag! reporting that in the last year alone their student caregivers have “earned over $7,500,000 playing with pets.”

So what are the benefits of joining Wag! as a pet caregiver (as a student or beyond)?

Wag! gives college students another way to earn money while in school

Perhaps the best part about being a pet caregiver with the app is the fact that you have flexibility with your schedule. It means that you can work around your classes and any other activities in your life.

Another great benefit of being a Wag! caregiver is the fact that the rates are competitive and you are even able to set your own, making it a great way to earn enough to not have to take on a campus job or a second job in general. (And yes, you can set your own rates for any of the services they offer, so it’s not like you will make the same amount for walking a pup as you would doing an overnight session.)

In terms of work and schooling, while being a pet caregiver is a job, it may not feel like one. After all, this is a chance to spend time with a dog and enjoy some self care. (It’s said that spending time with a pet is a great mental health activity and can greatly reduce anxiety.)

Think of being a part of Wag! as being able to follow a passion. This is a chance to work with animals (and we are not just talking about dogs!) and get outside into nature.

From taking dogs on walks to offering overnight pet care, there are more ways to be a pet caregiver with Wag! than just being a “dog walker” and we love the app for that. This is an opportunity to earn money doing something you love, spending time with pets, while also offering a service to people who want their furry (and not so furry) family members to be taken care of when they can’t be there.

We have been fans of the app ever since we were first introduced to it a few years ago. And now, knowing that college students are also able to pay their bills, pay student loans, or whatever else they may need paid for without doing a job they may not like, it makes us even more of a fan.

Have you heard of Wag!? Would you be a pet caregiver for the app to earn extra money? What would you do with some extra income?