ALDI is launching their own collection of branded dog toys

We all know that when it comes to shopping at ALDI, there are plenty of amazing find for us and even our pups. But now they want to really spoil our dogs. And what better way is there to do that than by creating a collection of ALDI branded dog toys?

According to the foodies over at Mashed, it seems that ALDI Finds won’t be restricted to just the humans anymore (not that there haven’t been dog and pet-centric finds in the past, but it doesn’t happen nearly enough). As they point out, there are plenty of Finds that have become fan favorites, with shoppers hunting for these goodies long after the store debuted the treats. And while many of these fan favorite finds may not be pet appropriate, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a way to make them pet friendly.

This is where the new pet collection comes into the picture! We are getting a collection of dog toys inspired by a number of fan favorite products.

ALDI is launching a capsule collection of pet toys inspired by some fan favorite finds

Inspired by their own shoppers, this new collection of dog toys will feature,

plush toys comically modeled to mimic some of the chain’s popular items including the red bag chicken, signature hard seltzer, and bottled mimosas. There’s even a kettle chip plush with a fake label for a funny, dog-appropriate flavor — “Cuban sandwoof.”

While the collection will also feature things for the humans too, we are all about the dog toys! We need them all and we can’t wait to check them out for ourselves. A plush bottle of mimosa sounds like the perfect toy for the most discerning of pups!

We love the fact that ALDI is making sure to have some Finds just for our pups and we can’t wait to see what they come up with next. And if these are as pup-ular as we think they will be, then hopefully there will be even more dog toys inspired by all things ALDI in the future.

What do you think fellow dog lovers? Are we excited for a new collection of dog toys from one of our favorite brands/stores? Will you be snagging something for your pup to enjoy?