ALDI fans it’s time to mark your calendar for the return of the frozen dog treats

Heart to Tail Dog Ice Cream frozen dog treats at ALDI. Image courtesy ALDI
Heart to Tail Dog Ice Cream frozen dog treats at ALDI. Image courtesy ALDI /

If there is one thing we can count on, it is that every month ALDI brings us some of the coolest and most delicious Finds! And that includes finds for our pets, from treats and toys to food and beds.

While we are often heading to ALDI to snag groceries, especially some of their more popular offerings (we love their salmon and cheeses!), that doesn’t mean we can’t hit the store up for treats for our pets. Considering they have a dedicated section for dog and cat food, treats, litter, and more, it just makes sense that we are always paying attention to what limited releases they are dropping for our pups!

But as we head into April, there is one ALDI Finds item we are marking our calendars to snag (and yes it is all about our dogs)! Just in time for Spring and the return of Summer, ALDI is bringing back their seasonal offering of frozen dog treats.

Specifically, starting on April 22, we will be able to get our hands on boxes of Heart to Tail Dog Ice Cream!

ALDI is bringing back their frozen dog treats in mid-April as a seasonal offering

If your pup has never had the pleasure of trying the Heart to Tail Dog Ice Cream, they don’t know what they are missing! The box heading to ALDI stores in April features four ice cream cups. There are two cups of the original flavor of ice cream and two cups of the Cheese & Bac’n flavor.

With two dog-approved flavors in the box, your pup can enjoy a treat that is different from the usual! And we love that.

These seasonal, frozen dog treats will cost you about $3.49 per box and make a perfect treat on hot summer days.

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Have you purchased these frozen treats for your pup in the past? Are you happy to see these hitting the freezer section again? We want to know!