Arby’s celebrates National Pet Day by launching their own pet toys collection

Arby’s Launches New Pet Toys on National Pet Day. Image courtesy Arby’s
Arby’s Launches New Pet Toys on National Pet Day. Image courtesy Arby’s /

Is there anything better than hitting up the Arby’s drive-thru for an order of Curly Fries, a Jamocha Shake, and a Classic Beef ‘n Cheddar? Probably not! But as pet owners, we aren’t necessarily thinking of the fast food chain for our pups, even if the chain is known for having the meats!

But clearly Arby’s wants to change that! And how do they want to change our minds about them being a pup (or pet) friendly place? By celebrating National Pet Day with a collection of pet toys of course!

According to the press email we received on behalf of the brand, “Arby’s knows that nearly half of their brand fans nerd out over pets, so they’re introducing new Pet Plushies that come in all shapes, sizes, and squeaks.”

That’s right! In honor of National Pet Day 2022 (April 11 for those who didn’t know), Arby’s has released their very own line of adorable pet toys inspired by some of their classic menu items. So now not only can they say “we have the meats!,” but they can also say “we have the squeaks!” too.

Arby’s is offering a pet toy collection inspired by their menu in honor of National Pet Day

Arby’s Launches New Pet Toys on National Pet Day. Image courtesy Arby’s /

Currently available in the Arby’s Shop, the three pet toys that they are offering are:

  • Curly Fry Plushie – If you are anything like us, and you are obsessed with Curly Fries, then this is the perfect toy for your pet too! This lets us all show off our Curly Fry love. (We need this one in our lives!)
  • Roast Beef Sandwich Plushie – It may not be the Beef ‘n Cheddar, but you can never go wrong with a Classic Roast Beef Sandwich. And when you turn it into a plush for our pups, you have us hooked and ready to say our pup has the “meats and squeaks.”
  • Drink Cup Plushie – Is any meal complete without something to drink? We think not. So it just makes sense that third pet toy that Arby’s is offering is a take on one of their iconic Styrofoam cups. We love this one just as much as the Curly Fry Plushie because it just feels so iconic!

We love all three of these pet toys and we think our staff pup needs them in her life! And as a way to celebrate National Pet Day, we can’t help but love that Arby’s decided to go all out and help us spoil our pups.

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What do you think fellow dog lovers? Are we excited for this collection of pet toys? Which is your favorite? Will you be snagging one for your pup?