Walmart is now selling the ultimate cat litter – PrettyLitter

Walmart’s New Pet Offerings. Image courtesy Walmart
Walmart’s New Pet Offerings. Image courtesy Walmart /

We already know that Walmart is the home of all the things, but now they are also home of the ultimate kitty litter. And if you have never heard of PrettyLitter, you will want to!

While we may primarily focus on our canine friends here at Dog O’Day, we also love our feline friends as well. So when we learned about PrettyLitter, we knew we had to share the news, especially once we found out that we can actually snag a bag right at Walmart!

But what exactly is PrettyLitter and why are we excited to find it being sold at Walmart?

PrettyLitter has arrived at Walmart (and on their website)

Walmart’s New Pet Offerings. Image courtesy Walmart /

With a tagline that reads, “the world’s smartest cat litter,” you might be wondering what makes this litter so special. And while it is definitely like the usual stuff your cat would use, there is so much more to the PrettyLitter.

Not only does a single bag last for approximately two months, but this particular litter offers advanced odor control to keep your home smelling fresh. However, these are just two of the great things about PrettyLitter.

Perhaps the most important aspect of this particular litter is the fact that it actually allows you to monitor your cat’s health! And how does it do that? Apparently the crystals that also help to absorb the odors change colors to indicate early signs of health problems.

While each bag will let you know what to look out for with the color changing crystals, we have the details here too:

  • Olive Green to Dark Yellow – The urine is in a typical range.
  • Blue – This means there is a change in alkalinity in your kitty, which could mean a possible urinary tract infection or even the beginning of stones forming.
  • Orange – For this color we are looking to a change in acid. And that means a chance of “metabolic acidosis or kidney tubular acidosis.”
  • Red – This color revolves around blood issues. In particular, this color may indicate “bladder crystals, FLUTD, or certain types of kidney disease.”

Basically, this is the future of kitty litter and we love it! We love that it can act as early detection for health problems, while also keeping our home smelling fresh.

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But what do you think? Have you heard of this brand of cat litter before? Will you give it a try now that it is available at Walmart? Let us know in the comments.