Tom Holland to do another interview with puppies

Nathan Drake (Tom Holland) in Columbia Pictures' UNCHARTED. Photo by: Clay Enos
Nathan Drake (Tom Holland) in Columbia Pictures' UNCHARTED. Photo by: Clay Enos /

Tom Holland is beloved by all. He’s sweet, British, and he’s freaking Spider-Man. It’s very hard not to fall in love with him at least a little bit. But there is only one thing better than Tom Holland on his own. Ok, maybe two things. Tom Holland and Zendaya are always amazing. But they, unfortunately, will not be together when Tom Holland is once again interviewed while being attacked by puppies!

He’s already done one of these BuzzFeed puppy interviews back in 2018, but almost four years have passed and it needs to happen again. BuzzFeed recently put out an article asking fans for questions to ask him and, to no one’s surprise, they got a lot of responses.

There are currently 1,630 comments or questions for the latest Spider-Man. The questions range from “boxers or briefs?” to “If you were challenged against Andrew Garfield in a Lip Sync Battle would you take up the offer?” The answer to the second question is much more important than the first.

His Rihanna Lip Sync Battle performance has become legendary and a must-watch when it comes across your social media feed. Imagine what he would do if challenged again. The internet might not be able to handle it.

Tom Holland will be interviewed with puppies for a second time

Some of the other questions fans asked include “If you were to lose your celebrity status for 24 hours, what would be on your list of things to do?”, “would you like to do an horror movie?”, and “would you ever consider being in another musical?”

While hearing his answers to any or all of these questions would be great, it’s really Tom Holland and puppies that make these interviews so fun. There’s nothing like seeing him try to answer a serious question when a puppy is trying to kiss attack or bite him.

You can check out his first Buzzfeed interview below. As you can see, Tom gets distracted by the cutest Pitbull puppies. But really, who can blame him?

Are you excited to see the next Tom Holland puppy interview? What would you ask him? Let us know in the comments below!

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