Puppy Bowl 2022: How to adopt some of the puppies

Puppy Bowl XVII. Credit: discovery+ / Animal Planet
Puppy Bowl XVII. Credit: discovery+ / Animal Planet /

As we all know, the Super Bowl is coming up in just about a week; however, the more important event, which is happening on the same day, is called the Puppy Bowl (plus, it’s much cuter than the actual football game going on).

Here’s a little bit more about the puppies and where they come from:

  • Animal Planet announced a lineup of 104 ‘canine competitors’
  • All adoptable pups are hailing from 67 shelters and rescues, from 33 states
  • Let’s be honest – they really are way too cute to even describe

The Puppy Bowl has all puppies up for adoption! How do you adopt?

Well, let’s head on over to Discovery’s page where it lists the available adoptions. As of right now, it says ‘Coming Soon’, so please be sure to keep an eye out for the page and keep refreshing. Make sure to act fast, should you wish to adopt because guess what? They go fast! In fact, by the time the Puppy Bowl actually airs, most of the puppies are already adopted. How sad for us, but good for all of the pups going to loving and deserving homes!


They are finally shooting in an actual sports venue, even though someone said that they are technically a ‘fake’ sporting event. Um, excuse me……the Puppy Bowl is one million percent a real sporting event, and by far the best one that happens all year!


  • Moby – French Bulldog from Pennsylvania
    • His cleft palete isn’t the only unique thing about him
  • Dinozzo – Basset Hound/Shih Tzu Mix from New Jersey
    • He loves to hang out in the water bowl
  • Ridley – Border Collie from Virginia
    • His hearing and vision impairment certainly won’t slow him down
  • Benny – Poodle from Georgia
    • An unfortunately birth defect left him with no working back legs – he certainly won’t be intimidated by the other pups, though
  • Pongo – Dalmation from Virginia
    • His hearing impairment means he has an extra sense for the ball and toys
  • Birch – Chihuahua/Toy Fox Terrier Mix from Louisiana
    • He is the runt of the field – you go, Birch, you go
  • Odell Barkham – Beagle/Chow Chow Mix from Ohio
    • He’s already got a signature move to match his namesake NFL player
  • Wasabi – Chihuahua/Cocker Spaniel Mix from New York City
    • He’s ready to turn team work into making the dream work, baby
  • Ted D. Bear – Goldendoodle from Florida
    • His boundless energy and love for fun will take him far in this game next weekend
  • Baxter – Pug from Florida
    • He loves roughhousing – but will he score lots of touchdowns – we shall see
  • Hoku – Staffordshire Terrier/Catahoula Leopard Dog Mix from Hawaii
    • The first ever Hawaiian dog is ready to make her mark on the field that’s for sure – Aloha
  • Nugget – Pembroke Welsh Corgi from Florida
    • Being the chosen breed of the British Royals, will he show his royalty on the field – we’ll see
  • Maisie – Chihuahua./Dachsund Mix from Florida
    • Being rescued from the hurricane, she is ready to blow the competition away
  • Irwin – Chihuahua/American Pitbull Terrier Mix from New York City
    • Although he only has three legs, that surely won’t stop him from bringing the Latin flavor all over the field and maybe even showing a bit of his romantic side too; he was rescued from Puerto Rico and speaks Spanish, too
  • Surf – Miniature American Shepherd/Poodle Mix from Florida
    • His extrovert type of energy is certainly nothing to be overlooked on the field over here
  • Kirby – Labrador Retriever from Texas
    • He’s got quite the resume being in training to be a Houston Texans service dog; you go, Kirby, you go

Check out pictures and videos of all of the Sweet 16 puppies playing in the Puppy Bowl this year, right here!

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How excited are you the the Puppy Bowl 2022 this year? Which team, Ruff of Fluff, will win this year? Let’s chat down below! Woof, Woof, and may the best team of Pups win!