Southwest Airlines blamed for Frenchie’s death

Southwest Airlines is being blamed for the death of a French Bulldog.

This news was previously reported by People Magazine.

Traveling X-ray technician Courtney Cipar was traveling on a Southwest Airlines flight from Nashville to Philadelphia on December 21, People quotes her attorney, Evan Oshan.

Cipar’s Frenchie, whose name was Charlie, had a paid ride in the cabin section alongside his owner, and during the flight Charlie fatally overheated.

Southwest Airlines is being blamed for the death of a Frenchie.

“When I attempted to take Charlie out of the carrier or even open the carrier, the Southwest airline personnel threatened to turn the plane back and that I would have consequences. As Charlie moaned for air, I was unable to help him, and he died,” Cipar told People. “Charlie was my companion, giving me comfort while I assisted COVID patients.”

Charlie was apparently in excellent health, and had extensive travel experience, with over 20 flights to his credit, in addition to multiple road trips by car and even hiking several mountains.

Southwest Airlines did not comment on People’s story, though a company representative told TMZ in a statement, “We are disheartened to learn about the passing of this customer’s pet and have been in contact with her to learn more. Tens of thousands of customers travel with cats and dogs every month on Southwest. While onboard the aircraft, pets must remain in their well-ventilated carriers at all times for the comfort and safety of fellow customers.”

Cipar alleges that Southwest Airlines employees did not allow her to open Charlie’s carrier for extra ventilation, which would have led to his passing, as Frenchies are a smash-faced breed, which can impair their internal heating and cooling systems.

Some airlines have recently banned ESA dogs, which may have led to some confusion on the workers’ part, as their main task is dealing with humans, and many humans are understandably concerned with traveling during a pandemic, which likely makes their job much more difficult.

Still, this is a horrible incident, and our thoughts are with Cipar as she deals with the grief of losing Charlie.