Disney Plus officially cancels the Turner & Hooch series

Turner & Hooch "Hooch Machina" (Disney/Jeff Petry)
Turner & Hooch "Hooch Machina" (Disney/Jeff Petry) /

Turner & Hooch fans we have sad news from Disney Plus! It turns out that the adventures of Scott and Hooch will not continue for a second season.

According to Collider, Disney Plus pulled the plug on the series after it failed to garner the level of interest that they hoped for from the franchise. After they revealed that Scott Turner Sr., who was portrayed by Tom Hanks in the original film of the same name, it felt like the series may have had an uphill battle to climb to get people to stick around.

And while fans might hope for another network to snag the project, even the stars of the series see no hope for Turner & Hooch’s future now that Disney Plus has walked away from the show.

Disney Plus pulls the plug on their Turner & Hooch sequel series

Although we can still watch the entire first season on Disney Plus right now, that’s where it ends for those of us who wanted to see more of Turner & Hooch, as well as their friends and family.

This means we will never know what happens with Erica and Scott or how Laura moves forward after solving the mystery surrounding her dad’s final case. And of course, this means no more fun with Xavier and his unique brand of detective work as part of the Marshall’s service.

In an email interview with Reginald Vel Johnson for our sister site Guilty Eats about his partnership with Planters Nuts for the holidays, the actor was asked about his time on Turner & Hooch and what it was like for him to step back into the role of David Sutton in the Disney Plus series and he shared,

"Doing the role of David Sutton again in Turner and Hooch was like a step back in time. Doing the original with Tom Hanks was fun, but him not being in the series was an adjustment I had to make, though working with Josh Peck was a pleasure."

And perhaps that was the problem all along – no Tom Hanks. There was never even the promise of a cameo for fans to look forward to.

At the end of the day, we can definitely enjoy what we had and the fun of Season 1, and if we happen to have plans for a full rewatch, who can blame us.

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Are you saddened by the news that Turner & Hooch has not been renewed by Disney Plus? Do you think the show should have had another season? We want to know what you think.