Selling Sunset hosted a dog party in episode 5 of Season 4

Mary and Romain Selling Sunset Season 4 Stills
Mary and Romain Selling Sunset Season 4 Stills /

In episode 5 of Selling Sunset Season 4, “Let Sleeping Dogs Lie,” we got the most epic episode for dog lovers! While we may watch for the real estate and the drama, we are also big fans of the dogs. And considering how many dogs seem to be a part of the Selling Sunset family, it just makes sense that we are fans of this show and these stars.

With this episode, we got to see many of the dogs in the family (including Christine Quinn and Chrishell Stause‘s pups) and we celebrated a 15th birthday for Niko, the pup owned by both Jason and Mary. And the 4th birthday of Zelda.

This meant an over-the-top, elegant affair that included poems for dogs, drama, and a lot pups running around. There were stunning looks, there were delicious treats for dogs and people alike, and there were drinks flowing. Basically, this was the kind of party we expect from the cast of Selling Sunset.

Selling Sunset through a stunning dog party in Season 4

Besides Jason reading two epic poems about both Zelda and Niko, he also announced that he made a donation to the same animal shelter where Chrishell had adopted her own pup, Gracie. And we are here for that news, because we love when a party like this also supports a good cause in some way.

When it comes to Selling Sunset and its cast, we definitely started watching for the expensive L.A. homes, but now we are definitely watching for the dogs (and the drama and events too).

Honestly, after this dog party, we expect to see more dog love on Selling Sunset and on their social media accounts too!

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Have you watched Season 4 of Selling Sunset yet? Were you as excited for the dog party as we were? What did you think? We want to know.