Friday favorite: Why Portland Pet Food Company is a must-have

Portland Pet Food Company, image courtesy Portland Pet Food Company
Portland Pet Food Company, image courtesy Portland Pet Food Company /

Here at Dog O’ Day, we love all things happy and healthy for our doggo friends (and, okay, our feline pals, too). This is why Portland Pet Food Company is our new favorite!

Last month, Portland Pet Food Company sent some goodies my way for my BFF Sunny to enjoy. The brand is a small, family-owned company that makes human-grade dog meals and treats.

Well, I don’t know if Sunny could smell the treats a mile away or was just excited about receiving mail (maybe a little of both), but she was all over the box as soon as it arrived and we ripped right into it. Here are my thoughts as a dog owner and Sunny’s first impressions.

Meals from Portland Pet Food Company review

For the meals, we received Rosie’s Beef N’ Rice Meal Pouch, Tuxedo’s Chicken & Yam Meal Pouch, and Wally’s Salmon N’ Rice Meal Pouch. Now, Sunny is not used to wet food only, so we mixed these in with her dry food, something we were thinking of doing soon anyway. I kid you not, Sunny couldn’t get enough. She sat and wagged her tail waiting for more. Since it was her first time having these, I figured, why not have seconds this once?

You can find these online priced at $6.99 each or get the variety pack of all six flavors for $34.95.

I know what you’re thinking, dogs will eat just about anything. That’s not true for all dogs. Take it from me, Sunny is a very picky eater. We struggled for a long time getting her to finish her meals. After trying out several brands, what works best for her is wet food with kibble, and Portland Pet Food Company’s meals are the perfect kibble mixers. We’ll be ordering other flavors soon!

Treats from Portland Pet Food Company review

Now treats is something Sunny is a lot less picky about. However, hands-down my favorite thing about these is that they don’t make your hand smell. You know what I’m talking about! Every treat we give our pets leave our fingers smelling just like it, and it’s not a fun scent. These, however, are wonderful! Portland Pet Food Company shares that these are specially great for senior dogs and dogs with sensitive stomachs.

We received Brew Biscuits and Pumpkin Biscuits. Sunny’s favorite? Brew Biscuits! Find the treats online HERE.