Maxbone is a pet owner’s destination for a modern, stylish pup

Talon Raincoat for Dogs. Image courtesy of Maxbone
Talon Raincoat for Dogs. Image courtesy of Maxbone /

Have you heard of Maxbone yet? If not, then you may want to hear about this shopping destination for the stylish, modern pup. And whether you are looking for something stylish for your pup on Halloween or just want them to be cozy and fabulous heading into the holiday season, then this is the site for you (and your pup).

So why is Maxbone our fashionista destination for our dogs? How about because they have some of the cutest pieces for our dogs to rock this season. Seriously, they have some of the best looks we have seen and we are a bit obsessed.

Up first, we have to talk about the raincoat for pups. The Talon Raincoat gives us all the Curious George vibes thanks to the vibrant yellow color. And honestly, we want one for our staff pup, because yes, this really is an actual raincoat to keep our pups dry on their daily walks. Considering how much our staff pup hates to get wet, this would be the perfect pick for keeping her dry.

Of course, the raincoat is not the only way Maxbone is keeping our pups fashionable this season.

Maxbone is the ultimate shopping destination for the modern pup

Arabella Puffer Jacket for Pups. Image courtesy of Maxbone /

From rain to snow, our pups want to stay warm, stylish, and dry. And as we move from Fall to winter, there is something about a puffer vest that feels like a must have. This is where the Arabella Puffer Vest comes into play.

Your pup brings the looks with this vest, while also staying cozy and warm. It’s all about the fashion with this one. Available in two colors, this is one every modern dog needs.

Of course, the must-haves don’t stop there. Among some of the other fashion-forward pieces that our pups need this holiday season, Maxbone is also bringing the looks with their astrology t-shirts for dogs, as well as their Christian Cowan X Maxbone Jumper.

Bring on the style with all of these must-haves. And if that means hitting up Maxbone for our pup’s next fashion show, then we are in.

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