Disney Plus releases Nona a Pixar SparkShorts reminding us of the bond between elderly pups and their families

Pixar Sparkshorts presents Nona. (Disney/Pixar)
Pixar Sparkshorts presents Nona. (Disney/Pixar) /

It only takes eight minutes to run the gamut of emotions, especially when Pixar is involved. And the SparkShorts program Nona is no exception.

While we often watched SparkShorts on YouTube, thanks to Disney Plus we have been able to really see the animation like never before. Whether we are falling in love with Kitbull (which we still cry over repeatedly) or their newest creations, specifically Nona, there is something to be said for getting a chance to enjoy the magic of Pixar on our TV screens.

And when I say we fell in love with Nona in moments, I mean it. This is an eight minute video that runs the gamut of emotions. But the thing about this particular Pixar SparkShorts that really called to us is the fact that part of the focus was on an older dog belonging to the titular Nona.

Not only do we get to see their relationship and love, but we also this pup interacting with the granddaughter. And in both cases, it is pure love.

Nona is a perfect reminder of the magical bond between senior dogs and the people they love

Not only does Nona help her pup up onto the couch, carrying this pup as needed, but she is free with her affections as well. While the story is so much more than this bond, it is still so important to the whole picture.

The characters in this Pixar Short don’t have to say anything to convey their feelings. And this includes the dog. With the magic of animation, we get to see a dog giving us all the faces and expressions we never knew we needed.

It may have only been an eight minute film, but we got a complete story that was made even more complete thanks to the addition of our furry friend.

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Have you had a chance to watch Nona on Disney Plus yet? If you have, what did you think? If not, are you planning to? Let us know below.