Dug Days kicks off with a “Squirrel!” showdown

Dug Days, image courtesy Disney
Dug Days, image courtesy Disney /

While Dug Days is a series of shorts from Pixar and Disney Plus showcasing what life is like for Dug and Carl from UP!, it is also a fun adventure in the backyard. And in the very first of five shorts, we get to see Dug take on protection duty for a bird feeder. Unfortunately for Dug, his nemesis the Squirrel may just be more trouble than he can handle.

The first short, titled “Squirrel!,” sees Dug doing what he does best – trying to be a good dog. And while he succeeds in his own way, Dug Days is a reminder that sometimes Dug is a bit of a mess. An adorable mess, but still a mess.

We love Dug. And we love seeing his new life with Carl in their very own home. But in “Squirrel!” it looks like Dug is still struggling to figure out what it means to listen to instructions. And that leads to a showdown between him and a squirrel that has us laughing, but also feeling bad for both of them.

See, the squirrel has figured out how to one up Dug (it’s actually not that hard) and that means leading our pup on a merry chase around the back yard in order to get his paws on the birdseed that Dug is supposed to be guarding.

Dug Days gives us plenty of shenanigans as it becomes Dug vs the Squirrel

However, with the squirrel basically proving that he has the upper hand over Dug, we know who will be the winner. Except, things don’t really work out so well for either of these two. And we both laughed and felt so bad for our squirrel when everything just fell apart.

In approximately nine minutes we ran the gamut of emotions and had so much fun that we can’t wait to dive into episode 2, which is apparently about puppies (the actual title of the episode is in fact “Puppies”). Of course, after this episode, we can only hope that we get more of our squirrel friend. He was fun and sassy, and he didn’t have to say a single word to make us laugh or want to cry.

All of the Dug Days episodes/shorts are currently streaming on Disney Plus, and we are keeping our fingers crossed for more episodes. Although, with the passing of Ed Asner, who was the voice of Carl, we may not get any additional shorts. And if that is the case, then at least we have these final moments with the iconic actor.

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Are you excited for Dug Days? Will you be binge watching all of the episodes at once or will you be savoring them? (We are going to savor them!) Let us know!