The Oval Pawffice changes focus to help raise money to evacuate pets and staffers from Afghanistan

KABUL, AFGHANISTAN - DECEMBER 17: (Photo by Palani Mohan/Getty Images)
KABUL, AFGHANISTAN - DECEMBER 17: (Photo by Palani Mohan/Getty Images) /

At the start of August, The Oval Pawffice and Major Biden shared the news that they were going to continue raising money for the Delaware Humane Association. However, in light of recent events in Afghanistan, the First Dog and Cat have decided to shift their focus for the rest of the month (or until enough money has been raised) to help evacuate dogs, cats, and staffers associated with the Kabul Animal Rescue.

In a new post shared to the Oval Pawffice Instagram account on August 21, they explained that they have made the decision to shift their fundraising focus for the month in order to help the Kabul Animal Rescue in their evacuation efforts. The money being raised is for a plane rental to get pets and staffers out of Afghanistan.

However, that was not the only post shared, as they also explained that they had already donated $820 to the GoFundMe for the rescue. That money was originally raised for the Delaware Humane Association, but considering the emergency situation, the Oval Pawffice felt that it was best to send what they had already raised to the fundraising efforts for the animal rescue (which makes sense since the entire purpose of the Oval Pawffice is to raise money in order to help animals around the world).

Major and Winston Biden apologized for sending the money that was originally raised for the DHA, but said that they would instead use their September fundraising for the Delaware Humane Association.

The Oval Pawffice is using August fundraising efforts to help the Kabul Animal Rescue evacuation efforts

In the post where they shared the news about changing who they were raising money for this month, they explained that this was an emergency situation and that they will do what they can to make sure both organizations are taken care of.

"Change of plans: Winston and I have just donated $820 to @kabul_animal_rescueto help them charter a cargo plane to evacuate pets and staffers from Kabul. That sum was collected for @delawarehumane this month but we hope they will furgive us.We will continue raising funds for @kabul_animal_rescue for now and we solemnly pawmise to make it up to @delawarehumane in September. If the Kabul pets and hoomans are evacuated before then, whatever funds we raise from now on will go to @delawarehumane."

All things considered, we totally understand why The Oval Pawffice decided to shift their fundraising efforts to help the dogs and cats in Afghanistan. And of course, the fact that they made it clear that they will make it up to the Delaware Humane Association is something we can appreciate as well.

Hopefully with the help of Major and Winston Biden, the Kabul Animal Rescue will be able to raise the funds they need to get a plane to evacuate. And once enough money has been raised for these efforts, we already know that they will once again shift the fundraising back to DHA (which they have been trying to raise money for all summer).

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