Izzy the Frenchie will be wearing the Tom Daley jumper at Fashion Week

When Tom Daley revealed that he was knitting a doggy jumper on the Olympics sideline, we quickly learned it was for Izzy the Frenchie. And considering Izzy is an Instagram famous pup with over one million followers, we knew that this doggy jumper would be in the spotlight somehow.

Well now we know exactly where the Tom Daley Doggy Jumper is going to be seen. And according to TMZ and Izzy the Frenchie’s owner, Rick Hendrix, it seems that this knitted creation will be on display at the next Fashion Week.

That’s right, a Daley made creation is about to be a part of Fashion Week. Considering Izzy has been invited to Fashion Week in the past, it makes sense that this stylish pup would want to show off this adorable creation from the Olympics.

Izzy the Frenchie will be rocking her new Tom Daley made Doggy Jumper at Fashion Week

So what did Hendrix share with the world about Izzy the Frenchie rocking this knitted doggy jumper? According to Hendrix talking to TMZ,

I think we’re gonna include it in her fashion week. Maybe walk in New York next time it’s all safe and we can get out again!

So what inspired Tom Daley to knit up this doggy jumper for Izzy the Frenchie? Well it seems that Rick Hendrix and Daley had a conversation about the Olympian’s knitting and crochet work. And the diver decided that he was going to make something for the Instafamous pup. But Hendrix had no idea that meant that Tom Daley was going to sit on the sidelines of the Olympics and knit up the doggy jumper.

And Izzy wasn’t the only dog that Daley made a jumper for at the Olympics, but really we can’t wait to see these jumpers on the pups because seeing them on the diver’s Instagram stories just isn’t the same. The thing we are really excited for though is to see Izzy rocking her Olympics made jumper at Fashion Week! That just sounds amazing.

What do you think dog lovers? Are you following the knitting journey of Tom Daley? Are you excited to see Izzy the Frenchie wear her new jumper? Let us know.