New NBA-inspired BarkBox now available

Most dogs are huge fans of basketballs. They may not like playing the sport, but they certainly like biting basketballs and chasing after them. With the new Barkbox, they can pick their favorite team (or your favorite team) and have a whole box full of themed toys and snacks to enjoy.

The box doesn’t come in all the NBA teams but it does include the LA Lakers, Philly 76ers, Brooklyn Nets, Milwaukee Bucks, Houston Rockets, and the Dallas Mavericks. There is also the choice between the regular Barkbox, the Super Chewer box, and your pick of jerseys for your pups.

The regular NBA Barkbox comes with 2 bags of treats and at least 3 NBA/basketball-inspired plush and squeaky toys. Most of them include a toy that looks like one of the players and one that looks like a basketball hoop.

You just have to pick whether you have a small, medium, or large dog. Each box is $43 on the BarkBox website.

Barkbox has new NBA-inspired boxes for your pups

The Super Chewer boxes come with much sturdier rubber toys. If you have a dog that chews through just about anything, this is definitely the box for you. No plush toys for them to chew up in two seconds. This box also comes with two bags of treats. Once again, you need to pick the size of your dog so the toys aren’t too big or too small for them. Each Super Chewer box is $58 on the website.

And then the jerseys! Just pick whether your dog is small, medium, or large, and then your pup can have an NBA jersey to match yours when you watch the games. Each jersey is $12.

Hopefully, if this is popular, BarkBox comes out with more NBA teams so everyone can get their dog a box inspired by their favorite team.

Will you be getting an NBA BarkBox for your doggo? Do you hope they come out with more NBA teams? Let us know in the comments below!