This pet friendly cafe in Salem, Massachusetts welcomes four-legged friends from dogs to bunnies

Are you looking for a place to sit and relax with your four-legged friend in Salem, Massachusetts? Then this is the cafe for you (and them).

During a bit of summer road trip planning, we were looking for places where our pup would be welcomed alongside of us. And as any dog owner knows, this means a lot of extra planning you may not have thought of before, especially looking for restaurants that will allow our dog to join us.

While looking for dog friendly things to do and see in Salem, Massachusetts, we came across the Gulu Gulu cafe, which is not just dog friendly, it is truly pet friendly. In fact, in a post on their Instagram account, the cafe shares, “Four legged friends belong on our patio!! Whether that be puppers or even precious bunnies like Bonnie…all floofs are welcome.”

The Gulu Gulu cafe in Salem, Massachuetts is a destination for us and our pups

Knowing that we can bring our dog (or cat or bunny) with us to this cafe in Salem, now it is all about figuring out exactly what is on the menu. So while our furry friends sit with us on the patio, what will we be enjoying from Gulu Gulu?

Not only do they do breakfast all day at the cafe, but they are also known for their “award winning beer menu, unique wines, zany cordials, and fabulous local coffee.” And since they have crepes on the menu, we are sold.

Some of our favorite menu items include:

  • Cranasauras Rex
  • Mad About Bleu
  • Avocado Dream Boat
  • Punky Rooster
  • The Millennial Chicken
  • Cozy Crunchy Crepe
  • Iced Mind Sweeper
  • Cozy Morning – Lavender & Vanilla

Honestly, at first it was the names on the menu that drew us in, but knowing it is pet friendly just sealed the deal on this cafe. So, if you are planning a trip to the Salem area and bringing your pup along for the ride, this might just be a must try.

What do you think dog lovers? Is this your kind of cafe? Do you search for dog friendly restaurants when traveling? Let us know in the comments.