5 Pet friendly vacation homes in the Seacrest, Florida area

Truffle, an English Springer Spaniel aged 1 enjoys the sand at Seven Mile Beach on June 09, 2016 in Lennox Head, Australia.
Truffle, an English Springer Spaniel aged 1 enjoys the sand at Seven Mile Beach on June 09, 2016 in Lennox Head, Australia. /

Looking for a vacation spot in Florida that is near the beach and pet-friendly? Then you need to see these five vacation homes in Seacrest.

Thanks to Vrbo, we are hunting for vacation home rentals that will let us bring our dogs along for the ride. And since we are hoping for a beachy summer, that means finding gorgeous destinations.

When it comes to gorgeous beach vacations, we often think of Florida first. So it makes sense that when we started looking for pet-friendly vacation homes, we ended up finding some epic beach houses (and beach adjacent houses) in the Seacrest, Florida area. And yes, all of these vacation homes allow us to bring our dogs.

Maybe it is just me, but this is a real win for summer vacation fun. And if you happen to be on a road trip in Florida and want to stop and rest for a while, these might be the perfect homes for you and your dog.

5 beachy vacation homes that will let us bring our dog in Seacrest, Florida

  • Beautiful home; private pool & private beach. Away from the crowds! – With a title like this, is it any surprise that we needed to know more? While this vacation home is definitely at the very top of our budget, it is perfect for a group of friends (or family members) looking to relax at the beach along with their furry friend. At $800 per night, this is more of a mansion than a beach house, but the fact that we get a pool and beach access, as well as a chance to vacation with our dog definitely makes it worth it.
  • Gulf Front… Casa De Sounion… Private Beach Paradise pet friendly ‘ – It states it right in the name! This is a pet friendly house with private beach access. And at $200 per night, this is a more affordable option that will leave you coming back for more. The fact that our dogs can join us is the added bonus that makes this a perfect getaway.
  • Beach Therapy – House, Gulf Access, Dog Friendly (max 2), Kid Friendly – This beach house is dog and kid friendly, with a cottage feel and access to a pool. And yes, it is close to the beach, so if you and your dog are looking for some relaxation this summer, then you may need to head to Seacrest, Florida and this gorgeous beach house. (Added bonus for this place is that it will run you about $183 per night.)
  • Dog Friendly 3/3, 4 FREE BIKES, 2 Houses from Community Pool, 6 Bch Chairs &more – Even without knowing this was a pet-friendly vacation home in Florida, this was a winner because of the amazing pictures. This house is super cute and well decorated. The fact that it is near the beach, dog friendly, and has bikes for guest use just seals the deal on this getaway destination. At $237 per night, this is still a highly affordable option in Seacrest, Florida, and one we would absolutely book for a few nights of relaxation.
  • Gulf Views! Pet-Friendly 30A Home! Across the street from the Beach!– The views for this vacation home are a real win. And the fact that we can bring our dog to enjoy the view with us is the ultimate win this summer. From the beach access to the four bedrooms and three bathrooms, this is a great place to rest, relax, and unwind this summer. At $210 per night, it is also an affordable option.

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If you are looking for a pet friendly vacation home in Florida, then you need to check out these homes in the beach communities of the Panhandle. Not only are they perfect for relaxing and soaking in the sunshine, but they let us bring our dogs along for the adventure. Perhaps they will inspire you to get away for a bit.