Perfect Parker’s mom has written a picture book, Mars Travel Agency

Page of "Mr. McKluskie's Mars Travel Agency," Perfect Parker's mom's picture book. Photo provided by Jennifer Roberts
Page of "Mr. McKluskie's Mars Travel Agency," Perfect Parker's mom's picture book. Photo provided by Jennifer Roberts /

In the latest Dog Twitter news, Perfect Parker’s (@PerfectParker4) mom Jen has written a picture book titled Mr McKluskie’s Mars Travel Agency, but she needs some help with the publishing part, because that’s pretty expensive to get them printed.

To help with the printing costs, there is a Kickstarter campaign that runs until Saturday, July 10, and as of this writing, $6,774 of the $7,500 goal has been raised. It was also designated a “Project We Love” by the Kickstarter team.

If you don’t know Parker yet, he’s a three-year-old smallish rescue pup from Columbia, Missouri, and he’s passionate about special needs doggos, since he is one, as he has a condition called cerebellar hypoplasia, which makes his balance wobbly. He was also the cover model for the April 2020 edition of Inside Columbia magazine.

Parker is a Kansas City Chiefs fan who is a huge fan of cheese, and he sometimes composes poetry as well.

Mr McKluskie’s Mars Travel Agency is the first book in the Wacky Entrepreneur series written by Jennifer Roberts and illustrated by Brazilian artist Izabella Lessa, which will also be followed by Katie Klinghopper’s Kangaroo Zoo and Jenny Jacoby’s Junebug Jelly Pops, plus at least two more yet to be titled.

It should be released in mid-November, and would be a pawfect choice for PeytonReads‘ Puppy Book Club.

The Dog Twitter-adjacent picture book Mr McKluskie’s Mars Travel Agency could use some help with printing costs.

Roberts is a writer/photographer, who has previously written for local magazines, and this is her first children’s book. It will be self-published through Kindle Direct Publishing for softcovers and ebooks, and Ingram Spark for hardcovers.

Mr McKluskie operates a rather unusual travel agency in between a smoothie shop and a place that sells jacuzzis – he sells rides on rocket ships to Mars. One of his first customers is Julien the photographer and a blue Mastiff named Arbuckle, who wears a nifty backpack full of treatos.

The pictures are mostly in earth tones, using a unique cartoonish style that mixes fairly-lifelike actors with Road Runner-style landscapes.

For the time being, only the illustrator is being paid for this project, because creative artists deserve to be paid for their work.

All funds raised will go towards book inventory, Kickstarter rewards for donors (pins, posters, etc), website hosting, font licensing and online advertising for the series.

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As fans of Dog Twitter and dog books in general, we can’t wait for this project to release, and hope it reaches its goal successfully.