Meet Boho and Bark: A lifestyle brand for (wo)man’s best friend

We love our pets, and when it comes to making sure our dog’s wardrobe and accessories are as cute as our own, we need a lifestyle brand like Boho and Bark. After all, we love spoiling our furry friends, and we really only want the best for them.

Recently we were gifted a fun bandana from Boho and Bark for our staff pup, Ladybug, and it was in this super cute Independence Day themed red, white and blue stars print. And once we saw it, and got our pup all dolled up, we needed to know more about this company.

The bandanas themselves are made with sustainable fabrics that have a nice thickness that you don’t often find in a pet bandana. Not only that, but these bandanas offer a wide variety of fun prints, from their classics collection to neutrals and more.

But that’s not all they offer on their site. In fact, the variety of goods on the Boho and Bark website makes it really easy to spoil our pets in style.

What all does Boho and Bark offer our pets?

Among the items that are currently for sale on the Boho and Bark site, there is a Paw Balm that is a definite must. And then there are the tug toys! You can pick the color for your pup, so if you want to make sure that their toys match the decor of your home, you actually can.

Want a macramé leash? They have that. Want something for yourself? They have that too.

That’s right, Boho and Bark doesn’t just offer us goodies for our dogs. We can also spoil ourselves too. Whether this means getting earrings that perfectly match our pet’s bandana or even a sweatshirt to get cozy with, there really is something for us and them.

And while Boho and Bark is clearly still growing, we can’t wait to see what they have in store for the future, because what they have right now is amazing. I love supporting small businesses, especially when it is a woman owned business that shows the love to our furry friends too.

Have you heard of Boho and Bark before? Will you be checking them out? Let us know (and totally share with us what you get your pup if you decide to do some shopping).