Bark takes our pups to the Spa with their latest toy collection

Bark Sit. Stay. Spa Day toy assortment. Image by Kimberley Spinney
Bark Sit. Stay. Spa Day toy assortment. Image by Kimberley Spinney /

Bark drops a new dog toy collection inspired by the Spa life

One of our favorite things about Bark and BarkBox is the fact that they offer different themes every month, giving our pups something new to play with and enjoy all the time. From Scooby-Doo inspired toys to holiday goodies, they always have something new and creative up their sleeves. So is it any surprise that their latest release is all about that Spa Life?

During a recent Target run I found myself browsing the dog toy section for fun and came across some of the greatest toys yet. We are talking about toys that call out to our own appreciation for not only the spa, but also the nail salon, the beauty parlor, and wherever else we may end up for a bit of self care.

Bark is taking our pups to the Spa (and maybe the gym too)

The Target I was in had a Doggy Detox squeaky toy, an Irish Springer bar of soap with a ducky squeaky, a giant bottle of polish, a lamb doing yoga, and even a Mutt Mask squeaky. But that isn’t even close to everything that Bark released. In fact, if you head to their website and the new toys section you will find some of the cutest spa inspired toys around.

On the website, the “Sit. Stay. Spa Day,” collection also includes the Pure Pup Juice Cleanse, the Mutt Mask, a Swedish Moosage, a Squeakulent, the Relax and Chinchilla, Shauna in the Sauna, Aro-Mutt-therapy Candle, Nail Pawlish, Glow up Goose, Squeaky Clean Soap on a Rope, and finally my favorite, Otterly Relaxed.

Maybe it is just me, but I am absolutely obsessed with this collection of dog toys. Not only are they ridiculously cute, but the variety is also there to keep any dog entertained. We are talking big dogs, small dogs, dogs that like to pull things apart, and even the chewers of the bunch. There really is something for every pup. And if it happens to inspire us to indulge in some self care, then these toys feel like a definite win-win for all of us.

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Are you a fan of the Bark toys? Have you seen their new Spa collection in stores? Are you grabbing any of these for your pup? Tell us in the comments.