PlaqueOff offers easy dental care for cats and dogs

PlaqueOff system of pet care products. Image courtesy of SwedencareUSA
PlaqueOff system of pet care products. Image courtesy of SwedencareUSA /

When it comes to dental care for our pets, there are a lot of products on the market. But one that offers easy care for both our dogs and cats has to be PlaqueOff from Swedencare USA.

And while our primary focus is typically our dogs, we can’t help but show our feline friends some love as well. With PlaqueOff, we are able to take care of our cats teeth without having to worry about getting sliced and diced by their claws.

First off, I have to point out that this dental care system is available for both dogs and cats. For both of our furry friends, there are crunchy dental bites and what they call a PlaqueOff powder. But each formula is specifically designed to work with our animal’s teethy needs.

For this particular product spotlight, I am actually looking at the feline dental care products specifically. And considering how affordable both the crunchy bites and the powder are, I am thinking that they both deserve a chance to shine for our felines.

PlaqueOff is the dental care our pets need

With the PlaqueOff Powder for Cats, we get a powder supplement that is made with sea kelp and flavored with brewer’s yeast. With the kelp, we get an all-natural supplement that decreases plaque levels, while also aiding our cats in proper oral hygiene. And with the brewer’s yeast, we get a flavor that even the pickiest of kitties will enjoy.

At $16.50 per bottle, this is great addition to your furry friends diet to keep their teeth clean and strong.

Then we have the Crunchy bites. Think of this more like a cat treat that does double duty. You are not only rewarding your cat, but also helping to combat bad breath and break up plaque on their teeth.

The treats themselves cost around $8.49 for a bag, and that is kind of a great deal considering what you get for the price.

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All in all, both of these PlaqueOff products feel like a must for our feline friends, and if we had to choose, we would still probably pick both. But what do you think? Have you tried these products yet? Let us know.