Valet Living offers insight into how to keep our dogs safe in the heat of summer

When it comes to convenience, Valet Living is often there to help us with our every day needs, and that includes offering pet care tips, advice, and more. While they have offered us suggestions in the past about everything from what to have on hand when bringing how a new pup to how to puppy proof our homes, their latest advice is all about protecting our pups during the hot summer months.

Considering they are an amenities provider, it makes perfect sense that one of those amenities is pet care. And this is where Valet Living Area Supervisor Tricia Nguyen comes in. She has some tips and things to watch out for in order for us to make sure that not only are our dogs happy, but also safe this summer.

While some of these tips might seem obvious, you can never be too careful. And since we are all about making sure our pups are happy and healthy, we will take any guidance sent our way, especially if it is coming from a company like Valet Living, who is there to help make life easier.

Valet Living’s summer tips for keeping our dogs happy and safe

  • Remember that there are risks when walking on the hot ground. Just because our dog’s paws might seem rougher than our feet, there are a few things to keep in mind. Not only are our own feet completely protected from the ground thanks to our shoes, but a dog’s paws can still burn and blister. In fact, the heat of the ground can even act as a contributing factor to things like heat stroke in our pups.
  • There is one excellent way to check if the ground is too hot for your pup to walk on. To check the heat before walking your pup, place the palm of your hand against the ground and hold it there for at least five seconds without moving. If you can hold your hand in place, then you should be safe.
  • Shoes for pups are an excellent option. It is important that the shoes properly fit their feet/paws, but once you have these booties, your pup should be able to handle going for a walk whether we are talking the heat of summer or the ice of winter.
  • Find alternate routes or pick a different time of day to walk your dog. In the summer months, it can be a good idea to choose shady paths, a lot of grass, or even changing the time of day for your walk. With mornings typically being cooler, you should be able to walk your pup safely before the heat of the day catches up to you.
  • If you are planning to take your pup on a longer walk, make sure you bring them water. And yes, you should have water for yourself as well. Hydration is important for man and canine alike.

When it comes to the heat of summer, it is important to be safe. Monitor your pup and keep them hydrated. Pay attention to any heat warnings in your area, and remember that if the heat is bothering you, it is very likely bothering them too.