Valet Living offers tips for puppy proofing your apartment or house

Bringing home a new puppy? Valet Living wants to help you get ready with some useful tips and tricks for proper puppy proofing.

If you have never heard of Valet Living, you might be wondering what they know about life with a new puppy. However, as an “amenities service provider” they also help us with pet care. And that means they know what they are talking about when it comes to give us tips and tricks for puppy proofing.

With the help of an area supervisor from Valet Living, Tricia Nguyen, we are making it easier than ever for new puppy parents to bring home a furry bundle of love.

So what do you need to know for puppy proofing your apartment or house?

3 tips for puppy proofing your home with Valet Living

  1. Make sure you are blocking your puppies access to any potential escape routes. This means checking your backyard fence or walls for halls, making sure your patio has no possible escape routes, and even making sure you have a barrier near the front door so they don’t try to pull a runner.
  2. Make sure that any toxic or harmful items are out of reach of your puppy. This is all about removing any plants that might be toxic to your pup, hiding or covering wires, picking up small objects and even clothing that your pup might try to chew that they shouldn’t or that they could end up getting tangled up in. It is also a good idea to lock up chemicals.
  3. And the third tip from Nguyen is, “When learning to free roam, keep them in one area with barriers or simply close doors to places so that (1) they don’t get into things they shouldn’t and (2) you can easily clean up any messes.” With this tip we are talking about things like keeping the bathroom door shut or making sure they are in a room like the kitchen which is usually easier to clean up.

In many ways, puppy proofing your home is like baby proofing. It is all about going through your home and looking for what could be potentially harmful or dangerous to your pup. It is also about making sure that they don’t destroy things that you care about. And of course, it is about making sure they can’t escape (this sounds awful like we are keeping them prisoner) from the yard, apartment, patio, or wherever else they may be spending time.

When it comes to bringing home a new puppy, we know it can be stressful. But hopefully with these tips we can help alleviate some of that stress.

What other tips would you suggest for puppy proofing your home? Do you have a service like Valet Living to help you with pet care? Tell us in the comments below.