Does the SmartPetLove Snuggle Puppy really work for new pups?

Photo by Sandy Casanova
Photo by Sandy Casanova /

Welcoming home a new pup and wondering if the SmartPetLove Snuggle Puppy works? We’ve got answers!

Bringing a new puppy home can be unbelievably challenging, but it’s so worth it! One of the biggest battles is getting our new puppy to sleep without crying all night.

Let’s just say it can feel a lot like having a newborn baby. We already have to take our new pup out every 2-3 hours to potty train, but we can’t even enjoy a small nap in between with all the whining. I can say from experience, that these annoying and sleepless nights can last weeks!

Recently, my family and I welcomed an F1 standard Goldendoodle, Sunny. Before her arrival, we decided to plan as best as we could and focused on how to make sure she had a comfortable first night.

After doing some research, we learned about the SmartPetLove Snuggle Puppy Behavioral Aid Toy. But it’s priced at $40, and we felt we had enough toys and supplies, getting a new pup is not cheap! Still, we decided to spare no expense and made the choice to buy it.

I’m happy to report that it’s the best puppy purchase we have ever made! I’ll share my experience and tips for best results, below…

SmartPetLove Snuggle Puppy tips for best results

We purchased the SmartPetLove Snuggle Puppy about 2 weeks before Sunny came home and carried the stuffed animal around the house with us. My 7-year-old kiddo slept with the plushie at night.

The point of this was to make the SmartPetLove Snuggle Puppy have our scent. This way, it won’t seem like a strange and unfamiliar toy to Sunny.

The SmartPetLove Snuggle Puppy also comes with a heart that beats (vibrations and all) — batteries included! Just like the heartbeats from Build-A-Bear.

We gave Sunny the SmartPetLove Snuggle Puppy with the heartbeats on at night. She loved it!  There was minimal whining that never lasted over 30-40 seconds. Sunny would only whine to adjust herself and settle back down next to or on top of the beating plushie.

In the morning, we took SmartPetLove Snuggle Puppy away and she immediately began to look for it, so we decide to let her keep it at all times. This helped her out with napping throughout the day and we realized we didn’t need to turn on the heartbeat (which beats 8-hours straight at a time).

Day two went by perfectly, Sunny did not whine at all. I would still wake up every 2-3 hours on my own to take her out (we are very committed to potty training), but we love knowing she feels safe and comfortable.

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The SmartPetLove Snuggle Puppy is highly recommended for all new pups!