Did you know you can shop for Shelter Pets on Amazon?

Amazon Pets Launches “Adopt a Shelter” to Make it Easy to Give Back. Image courtesy Amazon Pets
Amazon Pets Launches “Adopt a Shelter” to Make it Easy to Give Back. Image courtesy Amazon Pets /

On Amazon there is a feature that lets you (and anyone you know) create wish lists. And now, you can support shelter pets by buying from their wish lists.

On May 1, Amazon launched their Adopt a Shelter Pet page, which lets us support the shelters and rescues who are saving so many animals every day. And with that comes the chance to actually shop the different wish lists for places like the Connecticut Humane Society, The Wild Animal Sanctuary, the Gulf Coast Exotic Bird Sanctuary, The Atlanta Boxer Rescue, and even the ASPCA to name just a few of the organizations sharing their needs with us.

Not only can we browse each of the wish lists individually, but we can also purchase items that they need and get them sent right to the shelter and the animals in need. Plus, there is also an option to help donate to these shelters with the help of AmazonSmile, a charitable way to give back by simply shopping on Amazon.

In order to support the shelter pets with AmazonSmile, you just select your charity (in this case the shelter of your choice) and then shop and buy like you normally would. You do have to have the AmazonSmile link active when you shop, but once you do, you can be sure that you are supporting a good cause while doing what you would normally do.

Support shelter pets with the help of Amazon and their Shelter Pet page

As someone who loves browsing the pets section on Amazon, I love the idea of also being able to support shelter pets in need. And while this launch was all about celebrating a month of dog love and shelter pet love, the fact is that this is something we want to support all year long.

Knowing that we can find alternate ways to support shelter pets, whether through the AmazonSmile program or by actually shopping the shelter pet wish lists, I am here for it all.

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When it comes to finding ways to help rescues and shelters, we love that Amazon is making it easier than ever. But what do you think of this new feature? And do you use the AmazonSmile feature? Tell us in the comments.