MAC cosmetics celebrates Cruella with new makeup line

Emma Stone as Cruella in Disney’s live-action CRUELLA.
Emma Stone as Cruella in Disney’s live-action CRUELLA. /

Cruella might not be a friend to animals, but it’s hard not to love a villain, especially one that’s as genuinely evil as Ms. De Vil. While we don’t know yet if Emma Stone’s version will have some tragic backstory (I hope not) in the new movie, in past portrayals, she’s evil because it’s fun. You kind of have to respect that.

But with the release of the new Cruella movie comes lots of Cruella-related merchandise and that includes MAC cosmetics new Cruella makeup line. The collection includes a palette, lipstick, lip gloss, eyeliner, and blush and it all comes in black, white, and red packaging.

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The palette includes six pans with colors like Crue Love, Need for Tweed, Cruella to be Kind, and Sinister Shimmer. The colors range from blue to silver to the red and black that you’d expect.

The different sections on the palette can be taken apart and put back together. It’s all connected with magnets which is pretty cool.

MAC Cosmetics launching new Cruella makeup collection.

That being said, these colors don’t scream Cruella. MAC could’ve done way better, especially for a palette that’s $45.

The lipstick comes in three different colors and comes in a case that looks like a bullet. The colors include Camden Caper, Sweet-N-Vicious, and De Vil in the Details. They are all pretty basic colors with a pink, a bright red, and a dark red lipstick. They are $21 each.

The lip gloss also comes in three colors and in a bullet-shaped case. The colors include Glamarchy, Mayhemmed, and Queen of Mean. They’re pretty much the same as the lipstick shades but just in liquid gloss. Each gloss is $25.

The Longwear eyeliner pencil has two ends with one black side in Tightly Laced and one white side in De-Vinyl. It’s $26 to preorder.

There is also a powder blush duo that includes a bright pink called Tickled Punk and a more neutral tan shade called Cruel-La Intentions. The compact also comes with a mirror and, like the other products, comes in black and white two-tone packaging. It’s $31 on MAC’s website.

The collection officially comes out on Friday, May 28, but is available for preorder now.

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