This Saint Bernard has been named official 2021 holiday Pupweiser of Budweiser

Budweiser 2021 Pupweiser can. Image courtesy Budweiser
Budweiser 2021 Pupweiser can. Image courtesy Budweiser /

We have a new Pupweiser ambassador for the holiday 2021 Budweiser cans and it is a 1.5 year old Saint Bernard named Wilson! Not only did Wilson win the honor of being the spokespup for the holidays this year, but the Budweiser Dalmatian even predicted his win after sniffing out his can.

Following a fierce competition that saw more than 100,000 submissions and a solid week of voting, Wilson became the top dog for Budweiser. And it absolutely makes sense considering the adorable pup went all out with his submission, even going so far as to wear a wreath collar to show just how festive he can be. Well now this Saint Bernard is going to be the Pupweiser of the year in all his fluffy glory!

But what do we know about Wilson beyond his age and the fact that he is adorable? Well, we actually know quite a bit.

Meet Wilson, the new Budweiser holiday pup for 2021

Wilson lives with his family in Morrison, Colorado, and he is a fan of naps and Puppuccinos. In fact, it seems that he likes enjoying his Puppuccino first and then his nap. But that’s not all, as he is a big fan of carrots as well, and when it comes to the snow, he loves playing with his doggy brother and foster pup sister.

In honor of the new Pupweiser of Budweiser, the company has actually made a donation of $25,000 to the Pets & People Foundation, an organization that “offers pet-assisted therapy visits to people who could use some healing joy in their days, as part of this initiative.”

While we still have to wait to get our hands on these super cute cans with Wilson on them, that doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun imagining our own pups being on the holiday Budweiser cans thanks to the Pupweiser page which lets us see what our pups would look like on the can.

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We are already obsessed with Wilson and we are so happy to see him on cans of Budweiser for the 2021 holiday season. What do you think of this very good boy? Are you excited to get your hand on his Pupweiser cans?