Pooch Perfect, Episode 6 Review: A Doggy Walk Down Memory Lane

POOCH PERFECT - “From Grotty to Hottie” – “Pooch Perfect,” the Rebel Wilson-hosted dog grooming competition series showcasing the best creative groomers in the country, premieres TUESDAY, MARCH 30 (8:00-9:00 p.m. EDT), on ABC. (ABC/Christopher Willard)POOCH PERFECT
POOCH PERFECT - “From Grotty to Hottie” – “Pooch Perfect,” the Rebel Wilson-hosted dog grooming competition series showcasing the best creative groomers in the country, premieres TUESDAY, MARCH 30 (8:00-9:00 p.m. EDT), on ABC. (ABC/Christopher Willard)POOCH PERFECT /

Pooch Perfect episode 6 was all about going down memory lane, and as we all know it, that can bring up all sorts of emotions, such as happiness, sadness, and anything and everything else in between. Be sure to stay tuned every Tuesday night at 7 p.m. CST for more colorful and creative dog grooming creations alike!

Pooch Perfect episode 6 premiered on ABC on Tuesday, May 4, and let’s just say that there was lots of fun being had going down memory lane – and yes, we absolutely loved it!

Also, Happy Quarterfinals to all the teams as well too! They’ve made it so far!

This week’s opener:

"“Welcome to Pooch Perfect! The only show in the world, where, looking like a total dog is a good thing!” ~Rebel Wilson, Host"

Let’s get ready for Pooch Perfect episode 6, mixed with some beautiful memories for everyone!

First up, the Immunity Puppertunity challenge – Celebrity Dog-pelgangers! Each team had to watch host, Rebel Wilson spin a Bingo-esque bin and randomly choose tennis ball that contained a celebrity’s name within it, to completely transform their adorable pups into (each team had their own celeb(s) to be inspired by)!

“Groomers, your time is pup!”

Here’s what each team did for this sixth Immunity Puppertunity challenge this week:

First up, we had Gabriel and Monse who transformed their adorable pup into Whoopi Goldberg! They absolutely nailed the way she wears her glasses, the dreadlocks, the outfit, the sparkly silver hoops earrings, the fancy pearl necklace, and just the whole package in general, in fact!

Second up, there was Deb and Jordan who transformed their adorable pup into Australian singer Sia! Once again, they nailed it; the blinding bangs, the split-down-the-middle hairdo, in which they chose to incorporate into their pup’s bodice with opposing colored music notes! All that was missing was a chandelier!

Third up, we had Riza and Sarah who transformed their adorable Afghan pup into Lady Gaga! The pup had falsies on, glitter/gemstones under the eyes for some extra added glam, a bright pink bow,  with a bright pink cape to match and tie it all together. One thing’s for certain, this dog’s meant to be on stage, and definitely lived up to Gaga’s ginormous fashion-like/beauty standards!

Fourth up, there was Alyssa and Justin who transformed their adorable pup into painter Bob Ross! First off, they absolutely nailed the classic Bob Ross curly afro look. They also got their pup into a rainbow-splattered artist’s smock, gorgeous details around the tail, and finally, some classic Bob Ross’ ‘Happy Trees’ on the pup’s long and tall hind legs, followed by a rainbow artist’s palette on the other hind leg(s)!

Fifth up, and finishing off this sixth Immunity Puppertunity challenge, we had Macie and Corina who transformed their adorable pup into singer Billie Eilish! They really did nail the neon green and black half and half hair look! In addition, they also got her mesh outfit classics down to a tee, her neon green nails with safely added tips to the pup’s nails themselves, with some classic golden rod hoop earrings, followed by and totally finished up with her tiny little round sunglasses too!

 And the winners of this fifth Immunity Puppertunity….Gabriel and Monse (Whoopi Pup-Berg)!

The second half of the episode was occupied by Pooch Perfect’s sixth Ultimutt Challenge….Doggy Decades!

The rules? Take a normal adorable pup and essentially and completely transform them into a moment in time, inspired by a decade that really speaks to you (the teams)! Pretty simply put, right?!

After some time and a few/a couple of decades later, “Groomers, your time is pup!”

Now, here’s what each team decided to transform their pups into on the official Dog Walk thru the decades:

  • Gabriel & Monse (Marie Antoinette-inspired) – pink and yellow alternated throughout the legs and bodice, yellow bodice, pink ribbon going down the back like a corset of her times, braided beard with a bow at the end, flowers/feathers coming out of the top of the head, white rose on the head as well, pink blush on the cheeks (pup’s smiling ear-to-ear)
  • Deb & Jordan (The 60’s) – tie dye and flowers all around for days here, classic Woodstock-like pink-tinted sunglasses, rainbow flowers throughout the head, neck, and bodice, navy blue (mushrooms, man) on the tops of each leg (front and hind), tie dye middle of the bodice, classic hippie-like floral headband to top it all off – Peace Out, Dude!
  • Alyssa & Justin (Pop Art-inspired) – classic comic/pop art style, bright colors all around, carved out surprised-looking Rebel Wilson on the left side, a bright teal mohawk on the left, bright red mohawk on the right – in the middle of the bodice, ‘Pooch Perfect‘ painted on the right side, yellow face, yellow tail, yellow super floofy feet/paws, teal/blue gemstones throughout the whole entire pup
  • Macie & Corina (The 70’s) – bright orange fringy bell bottoms with silver gemstones to sinch off the tops of them on each leg, shaved neck area for a bright and shiny black collar, star patterns all around this one, perfectly groomed afro, floofy end of the tail, rainbow stripes near the pup’s booty for some color representation of the actual decade itself, gray super sparkly carving on the right hind leg – no wonder the judges gave this pooch a standing pup-vation!
  • Riza & Sarah (The Neon-Inspired 80’s) – neon yellow leotard with right orange, blue, and green shapes on it, representing a classic neon attire, neon pink scrunchie with classic 80’s-style high ponytail(s) and crimped hair as wel, orange ribbons with orange hoop earrings on the ears, pink star earring on the right ear as well, bright blue ‘legwarmers’, bright orange, bright pink, and bright green classic sweat band

And finally after all of that….

My Personal Pick for Best in Show: Riza and Sarah’s 80’s Pup

I personally can’t choose my least favorite, though.

BEST IN SHOW: Macie and Corina (70’s-inspired pup with tons of sparkles and fringe)

ELIMINATED TEAM: Deb and Jordan (60’s flower child-inspired pup with rainbows too)

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That’s a wrap for Pooch Perfect episode 6, A Doggy Walk Down Memory Lane! As Rebel said it herself: “Good Night and Good Dog!”

What are your thoughts on Pooch Perfect episode 6? Let us know who your Best in Show was and your intel on the eliminated team! Woof, Woof!